9 Ideas For Family Trip in Nepal

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9 Ideas For Family Trip in Nepal

Nepal is truly a wonderland for adventure junkies out in the world. But the question is, is Nepal safe to travel with family? Traveling with adults and traveling with kids are two different things. Walking around with your kids tagging along in a bustling city is something no parent will consider a perfect holiday. 

It’s agreeable Nepal is still developing and has similar problems as any other developing countries do. But the fact that Nepal's culture, tradition, warm hospitality, it's absolutely impressive natural wonders is what sets it apart from any other country. Thus, making it a perfect destination to spend your holiday with family.

To help you with your family trip to Nepal, here are 9 ideas on what can you possibly do to enjoy your family trip to Nepal.


One of the biggest challenges while traveling with children is helping them feel comfortable and at home. Nepal's growing Community Homestay Network is the perfect alternative to staying in hotels, and children will enjoy a more homely atmosphere and home-made food. Of course, a number of local day trips available such as bike riding, temple visits, and short walks are bound to make your kids excited.

One such homestay trek in Nepal is the Millennium homestay trek. Starting from Pokhara and ending at the Syanja district of Nepal, this trek goes through 30 colorful villages while staying on a homestay throughout the trek and never short of beautiful scenery on the way!

Next is the Panauti homestay, for which the Panauti homestay network is the flagship network of the program, just 40 kilometers from Kathmandu, in an attractive village. Other homestays are operated in Chitwan, Palpa, Nagarkot, Patan, Nuwakot, and Patlekhet.


For children older than 10, multi-day or week spent boating on one of Nepal's delightful streams is a fun moment. Near Kathmandu, the Trishuli and Bhote Kosi Rivers are perfect for day trips. In case you're searching for a more drawn out experience which includes outdoors on shorelines and suppers around an open-air fire, there are numerous more extended alternatives, from a three-day Kali Gandaki River outing near Pokhara to a multi-day Karnali River trip in the far West (which can be combined with an excursion to Bardia National Park). While all security available for everybody, boating excursions would be most appropriate to kids who love being around the water and have great swimming skills.


Grown-up kids may truly appreciate a trek of three-five days, particularly those which don't ascend to exceptionally high heights. In the most well-known trekking districts—the Annapurna and Everest areas—you can remain nearby in case of some mishaps and medical assistance. Picking somewhat progressively agreeable settlement is likewise possible in these areas, which will reduce the strain on children and guardians alike. 

Great mid-length trekking choices with children incorporate the Poonhill trek, the Annapurna Community Homestay Trek, and different short courses in the Everest district.


While Kathmandu has numerous excellent stupas that might intrigue kids, considering their preferences, Swayambhunath is somewhat extraordinary. It's not called the Monkey Temple to no end! The grounds of the sanctuary are brimming with fun-loving monkeys, of all shapes and sizes, who swing in the trees, relax on the statues and go around screeching. It's a smart thought to make sure kids stay away, as the monkeys can be saucy and particularly prefer to steal your food and other items, yet numerous children will be captivated by their activity.


Pokhara's Phewa Lake is a delightful highlight of the city, however, it's not only for looking at. You can swim onto the lake with a guide, or even take kayaking exercises. Figuring out how to kayak on the lake is an incredible option in contrast to learning on the waterway, particularly for children, as the water is quiet. 

Note: Swimming is possible in parts of the lake, however, those nearshore will, in general, be sloppy and gone head to head with weeds. On the off chance, the children need to swim, it's smarter to ask a guide takes you to a spotless piece of the lake, or else simply decide on a pool at one of Pokhara's numerous lodgings.


Horse riding treks are a smart thought as kids will love the creatures, and riding will prevent them from getting excessively worn out. 

Bronco is a particularly prominent spot to go steed trekking. Pony treks of around 17 days from Jomsom are standard. The objective is to reach Lo Manthang, the capital of Upper Mustang, however, shorter treks are additionally conceivable. Customarily, packs of horses were taken to and from Lo Manthang consistently before winter. 

For a shorter horse trek nearer to Kathmandu, the Langtang region is most preferable. The mountains are noteworthy, the heights are not all that high, and youngsters will appreciate spotting yaks. 

Then again, a great single-day alternative is to ride a horse up to Sarangkot, in Pokhara.


Children all things considered (just as grown-ups) will appreciate being up a mountain in a small amount of the time than take a stroll. In Kathmandu, at Chandragiri, another cable car has lately opened to the city's west. On crisp mornings there are extraordinary mountain views and entire view of Kathmandu valley to see from here. 

Somewhat further away from home, somewhere between Kathmandu and Pokhara along the interstate, is the Manakamana link vehicle. This goes up to the celebrated journey sanctuary of Manakamana, in Gorkha District. Despite the fact that it was devastated in the 2015 seismic tremor and is being modified, the long link vehicle ride to arrive is the thing that the outing is extremely about (except if you're a Hindu explorer). The excursion makes a decent break in the adventure among Kathmandu and Pokhara, however, it stops running for an hour at noon.


If you realize your children aren't okay with something longer, there are still a lot of days climbs to appreciate in Nepal. Most helpful are those near Kathmandu or Pokhara. 

Around Kathmandu, day climbs in the Shivapuri National park, Nagarkot, or from Sanga to Panauti are great choices. Both will require stamina from your children. However, the trips are not particularly strenuous. Take an outing and appreciate multi-day from the city. 

Close Pokhara, the Shanti stupa and Sarangkot climbs are useful for multi-day out. From Sarangkot slope you can see paragliders taking off and twirling brilliantly around noticeable all around above you.