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We provide sanitary pads and baby diapers Our pads are made of cotton & promote well-being through the menstrual cycle, as well as being affordable & beautiful too, Our sanitary pads are Super-convenient individual biodegradable disposal bags made from corn-based bio-plastic. For extra gentle care for your sensitive skin, we have used Two Layered soft pores with nearly 20 percent longer than other pads that drive liquid to the core and lock it. So, you have extra coverage and long-lasting protection. The Stretchable wings in Health Carefully sanitary pads can be easily stuck around your undergarments to keep the pad in a place, while the fresh odorless pearls capture and lock period odor. Absorbency- Jelly is made from Natural Fruits and Plants. Therefore, the absorption capacity is 5 Times Higher. Leakage doesn’t happen at all. Consumption, Duration & Convenience- Due to the use of an Anti-Bacterial strip and maximum Absorption capacity, a single pad can be used for 2 hours