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What are the differences between pure natural raw honey and regular honey?

Raw honey can be best explained as – the honey taken from beehives is served in intact form, which means nothing added or processed.


5 Amazing Benefits of Desi Ghee you are not aware of

Desi Ghee is marked as a pure blessing according to the Ayurveda. It is used in everything from Dal and Khichdi to the traditional Indian sweets. Even in modern science, Desi Ghee is explained healthy...


Types of honey, Uses, and their Benefits

There was an old-time when sugar was not available to sweeten the dishes, but pure honey was used to enhance the taste of our food. Consuming pure natural honey was an assurance to maintain weight and...


Scientific facts about consuming Pure Ghee

Ghee is the refined form of butter, which is used in almost every dish that is prepared in India. It provides healthy fats and some essential acids to boost up the overall strength of a human body.


Ensure purity with the finest range of Nutrimoo Honey Products

Honey has been the favourite food and remedy for people since ancient times. Its medicinal properties keep the immunity high and maintained during all the seasons. Nutrimoo Natural Honey completes...


5 Amazing Health Benefits of Nutrimoo Natural Honey

Consuming a protein-rich diet is not enough to make your body strong. Our body needs protein, good fats, carbs, and some other nutrients to maintain health and immunity. Natural honey is one of those...