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Nitin is postgraduate from IIT, Mumbai, India and in his 23 years of career, has played key roles in building a desktop as well as enterprise solutions right from ideation to launch, which have been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies. As a Founder member of Pratiti Technologies, he enjoys applying his management learning for building new solutions to solve real-life business problems.

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Pune, Maharashtra, India
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May 29, 2019

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For finding an all-purpose packaging that can be easily used for a wide range of products, you can trust white box packaging. You can further bring it some changes as per your product nature and it will yield excellent results. So here you go

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What should you do to avoid failures in tech product development?

The study indicates that 25% of tech projects fail at the start; approx. 20% show no ROI at all and around 50% of them need a rework as soon as the project is completed. While the tech development...