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At Solutions PL, we have developed a way to grade your digital maturity which is called Audit 4.0. So, the first phase of any implementation is a formal review of all your business. We will evaluate 25 processes in which 5 are to be considered as critical; the HR level of competency; and finally the IT Governance of your business. PL solutions are the North-American reseller of 3PL Dynamics, a best-of-breed software for the 3PL industry. We aim to support you in achieving your objectives by providing a best practice ERP based on the Microsoft Business Central/NAV technology. Since we are focused on the 3PL industry, we have a real understanding of your needs and the best practice solutions to solve your hurdles. Our solution allows you to reduce redundancies and automate your company’s processes. This is essential to quickly resolve your customer’s needs and therefore beat your competitors.

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