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Shawn Nag is a famous blogger and the owner of PrintPapa, a famous online printing company which provides online printing services. He shares his extensive knowledge on brochures, flyers, business cards, books and booklet printing in his blogs. Here, he mentions points to show how important booklets still are as a marketing tool.

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Bound to Promote: 3 Types of Binding for Your Booklet Promotion

The article talks about the different types of bindings for printing booklets and books. It shows 3 types of bindings with different sets of pages and uses.


4 Mistakes to Avoid When You are Proofing Your Booklets

Are you planning to get your booklets printed for your brand? Read the blog to know what proofing mistakes you need to avoid in order to get the most of your booklet printing endeavor.


7 Tips for Effective Booklet Placement to Get the Edge in Marketing

Using booklets as a marketing tool definitely has advantages that are not possible through other means. This blog points out unique ways to increase your business sales highlighting the importance of...