A Superior Operational Extension Support for your Prior Authorization

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A Superior Operational Extension Support for your Prior Authorization

In a survey by the annals of internal medicine, the report stated that adherence resulted in more than 125,000 deaths every year for prior authorization process alone. In fact, 20 to 30% of medication prescriptions are never even filled. Even studies have shown that 7 out of 10 experience delays in their prior authorization, leading to treatment abandoned. Whereas 28% of physicians reported the prior authorization process has led to a serious medical event such as permanent bodily damage, a life-threatening event, hospitalization, disability or even death at times also. With 95% of physicians identified the impact of prior authorization delays on clinical outcomes as a significant or somewhat negative; over the past two years 99% of organizations have seen a significant increase in the number of medical procedures that require prior authorization.

As the complex process of prior authorization will be there for years to come, finding an operational extension for prior authorization problems is a much more convenient solution for all.

PriorAuth Online: Expert of Prior Authorization:

Helping in closing the prior authorization gaps faster and effectively, Sunknowledge Services Inc has developed its very own prior authorization platform 'PriorAuth Online'.

Incorporating the best practices of the leading practice management systems in the marketplace, PriorAuth Online provides complete operational authorization transparency. Reducing all your prior authorization worries, our PriorAuth Online team ensures an accuracy rate of 99.9%.

Providing stand-alone prior authorization services along with the highest productivity metrics for as low as$7 per hour, our expert ensures 100% submission of prior authorization requests on the same day. Handling more than 50,000 prior authorizations on a monthly basis, PriorAuth Online today is a desired vendor to handle any amount of prior authorization volume. Working as your reliable extension and maximizing your claims reimbursements in rapid turnaround time, reduce duplication and data errors; PriorAuth Online for successful authorization process follows:

  • Authorization initiation- here is where PriorAuth Online expert obtained all the data in this first stage, which is necessary for the treatment method. The data which is collected includes patient name, DOB, ordering provider’s name, NPI, Tax ID, address, phone no along with insurance information. After this data collection authorization initiation is followed. We also assure a proper check on the diagnosis code, units for each service code, if ordering physician is PECOS certifies or not.
  • Requesting authorization- our second step is the most significant part where documentation is been completed carefully collected through fax, call etc. and verified along with the authorization request is done. In this process, it is necessary to maintain constant oversight over all prior authorization requests that are outstanding
  • Continuous follow-up is made- our second last steps ensure investigating to resolve whether the patient is eligible based on payer requirements for the selective process. Once this is done prior authorization is initiating through portal, outbound calls etc as per payers’ protocols/guidelines. Here waiting on the approval or denial of their request for ongoing authorization also happen.
  • Updating the authorization process- This concludes with providing additional documents/ data if requested by the payer. This ends up updating all the prior authorization results in the billing system at the end.

In fact, partnering with PriorAuth Online will help you achieve:

    • Robust reporting according to the client’s protocol which can be done daily, weekly or monthly
    • Immediate increase in your collections by 80% within the first 30 days by getting your PRIOR AUTHORIZATION accurately approved by us.
    • 80% operational cost reduction
    • Exceptionally highest productivity metrics at a low cost
    • Increase your authorization rate by 1.5-2x

a perfect streamline operation for your prior authorization that helps you in reducing the turnaround times to increase productivity as well as streamlined operation and way to financial upliftment is what you are looking for; then PriorAuth Online is the perfect one-stop destination.