All You Need to Know About Getting a Hair Transplant

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All You Need to Know About Getting a Hair Transplant

The field of hair transplant has reached a point where people are able to regain natural-looking hairstyles that were not available to them by using traditional methods.

Here are the advantages of getting theBest Hair Transplant in Trivandrum.

You will get long lasting results

Unlike other treatments and remedies, a hair transplant procedure will not only give you noticeable results but also something more long-lasting. The staggering success rate of this procedure is the reason why it is so popular and sought after amongst the patients. It is highly effective and takes lot less time to show results.

Get natural looking hair

The main reasonwhy hair transplant surgeries have become so popular is their ability to give you natural looking hairline that you may have lost due to hair thinning. The experts graft the hairline using actual surgical procedures. As a result, surgeons are able to reproduce the previous hairline that looks just like your original hair pattern.

Fixes hair loss caused due to genetic disorder

It is not always that one loses hair due to age. In some cases, it may be caused due to genetic disorder that runs in the family. If you are struggling with hair loss caused due to hereditary, then you can take help from hair transplant procedure to fix the problem.

Regain your self-esteem

Most people who experience hair loss in the early stages of their lives often struggle with low self-esteem. They feel unconfident because of their appearance and find it hard to live normal lives. However, by getting a hair transplant procedure, you will be able to avoid this uncomfortable stage in your life. Utilize the power of technological advancement and get a hair transplant surgery to remedy the problem.

There are no side effects

The beauty of getting a hair transplant procedure is that there are virtually no side effects that can affect your health in the future. Avoid taking hair loss medications that do you no good and only expose you to the risk of sexual dysfunction as a side effect. On the other hand, when it comes to hair transplant surgery, patients usually either experience very little side effects or none at all.

Are you a good candidate?

While you may think that this is indeed the best solution for you, you may not always be the right candidate for it. There are many considerations that are taken in to account before ensuring that it is the right procedure. Some of them are listed below:

  • You should be between the age of 25 and 65:To be on the safe side, it is recommended that the candidate be between the age of 25-65. Patients younger than 25 may still be experiencing some hair loss which may fix on its own as they grow older. On the other hand, patients above 65 may already have thin hair, making transplant surgery ineffective. Patients that are completely bald cannot have hair transplant procedures because there are no hair to transplant.
  • Type of hair loss: Not every kind of hair loss will qualify for a hair transplant procedure. In case it is a genetic disorder, it would still leave space for some parts of the scalp that can be filled with donor hair. However, patients suffering from alopecia may not have strong hair follicles, thereby making hair transplant an unsuccessful procedure.
  • Hair loss classification: there are two things that matter when assessing hair loss – the quantity of donor hair and the severity of hair loss. This plays a huge role in defining whether or not the patient can get hair transplant. Unless the surgeons are able to supplement the scalp with healthy hair follicles, the transplant will not be successful. Apart from healthy hair follicle, you should also be in great health to undergo the procedure.
  • Your health is important:Hair transplants can only be carried out on patients who are healthy and have a solid immune system. Only then will the experts be able to mitigate the risk of complications and help patients to heal more quickly. Patients should discuss their long-term health conditions with the surgeon before undergoing the transplant.
  • Hair type: Another important factor that plays a role deciding whether you are the right candidate for hair transplant is your hair type. You should have thick hair that are able to provide better coverage to bald spots.

So if you areconsidering getting a hair transplant procedure, then make sure you do your research and ensure that you qualify for it. Discuss all the options with your doctor before taking the plunge. Educate yourself about the expectations, risks, and recovery times to make an informed decision.