App Store Optimization top strategies – Rank your app higher

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App Store Optimization top strategies – Rank your app higher

App Store Optimization (or ASO) is one of the main contributors to any mobile app’s success. It determines how high your app is going to rank in the search results on app stores.

According to Forrester, 63% of mobile apps are discovered via search results. And you must not miss out on this opportunity.

There are so many good mobile apps that do not get the attention they deserve, only because they have not optimized their app listing page on the app stores.

Newly published apps find it even more difficult to appear in search results. And the best way to overcome this is to correctly optimize your app store listing page.

Let us look at some of the main elements that contribute to the App Store Optimization and how to optimize them.

#1 - Correct Keyword Selection

This again goes back to the target audience. Do your research on the relevant keywords that your audience is searching for on the app stores. And create a repository of both primary and secondary keywords.

Primary main keywords are the ones that have the maximum volume and will result in maximum traffic to your mobile app.

Secondary keywords are the related keywords that may not have as much volume as the primary keywords but supplement them to further boost traffic.

#2 - App Icons

Your app icon represents your brand and is the first thing that anyone will notice when they come across your app listing page and Play Store or the App Store.

The icon should create a lasting visual impact on anyone looking at it. Make sure that it stands out from the rest yet is simple enough to be remembered without any efforts.

#3 - App Title

Selecting the right app title is the first and one of the most important parts of ASO. This not only appears on the relevant app stores but also on the mobile device of your user.

Try to include your main keyword in the title itself. This will greatly improve your chances of ranking higher on the search results.

Pro tip: Try to make it attractive, yet easy enough to stick in the memory of anyone reading it. This greatly helps you increase the brand recall value.

#4 - App Description

Provide a short and long description of what your mobile application does. Most importantly, optimize this content with the correct keywords that your target audience is searching for.

Here’s where keyword research will come into play the most. That being said, do not mindlessly stuff the keywords as that can do you more harm than good.

#5 - Screenshots

Avoid adding plain vanilla screenshots from your mobile application. But utilize this opportunity to upload professionally designed screenshots.

Ensure that they are attention-grabbing and beautiful enough to compel your potential customer to install your mobile application.

#6 - Engaging Video

Create an engaging video that completely explains your business idea and convinces your user to download and install the app immediately.

The video should be compelling, yet not too long, keeping the reducing attention spans of everyone worldwide.

#7 - Ratings and Reviews

One of the most important, yet the most overlooked aspects of ASO is ratings and reviews.

No marketing strategy can beat the power of word of mouth. Which exactly is the purpose that this section serves. A positive rating and reviews are the biggest motivating factor for anyone to download and try your mobile app.

Motivate your existing clientele to leave a positive remark for your application. You can also introduce incentives to expedite this.

Pro tip: A lot of brands make the mistake of not responding to their reviews. Be it positive or negative feedback, always make sure that you respond to the reviews you receive.

This helps build a deeper connection with your audience and shows everyone that your brand deeply cares for their customers.


There you have it, the top strategies and tips to create a successful marketing campaign.

Make sure that you implement these in your app marketing efforts when you make your own app for success in 2020.