Are You Seeking Hair Restoration? India Beelines You As a Pioneer Hair Transplant Destination

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Are You Seeking Hair Restoration? India Beelines You As a Pioneer Hair Transplant Destination

Hair loss is a major concern for those who want to look aesthetically beautiful and affected by the pattern baldness. It is estimated that around 60% of the total world population is suffering from the hair loss problem and the ratio for the same between male and female is 6:4. Most of us are hereditarily influenced to get the genes for hair loss from our parents as both father and mother sides are responsible for transferring the genes of hair loss. However, it is a great understanding in dealing with the problem of hair loss that one must know where they are heading to receive the surgical restoration of hair. No need to say that India has always been a great destination to receive the hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant in Indiais one way an affordable option to get the surgery done and on the other hand, it helps achieve quality services and treatment performed by the pioneer hair transplant surgeons.

Nowadays, it is a fact that more and more people are interested in getting hair restoration surgery done, hence the need for surgery is always greater than supply. One might have multiple options regarding the clinic, states, or surgeon to select the destination to receive the procedure, but very few clinics are recognized as the leading hair transplant centre.

In India, one can get the surgery done at a reasonable cost that helps in generating the clients/patients all over the world because the same procedure performed in western world countries, like the USA, UK or UAE charges a comparatively higher cost.

The hair transplant cost in Indiacomes amongst the most economic choice owing to the grafts as a primary cost determinant. Usually, per graft cost in India is around four-times lesser than the cost applicable for the same in the European, American or Gulf nations.

Why is it Important to receive the Restoration surgery?

  1. It gives Natural Looks:The procedure of hair restoration is one of the best ways to get the natural looks back without any chances of side effects or discomfort. The procedure has an outstanding ability to deal with the issue of pattern baldness by facilitating the re-growth of hair. The hair that re-grows after getting surgical procedure adapts the way of a normal hair respective to the colour, calibre, and texture. The hair transplant surgery allows the patients to experience the natural and normal growth of hair.
  2. It is without the chances of side effects & Discomfort:The hair transplant procedure is without any kind of side effects or discomfort because it is a natural process of implanting the hair roots into the recipient balding part of the scalp. The chances of side effects are minimal because it is done by extracting the patient’s hair that is further implanted into the same scalp. This is one of the best ways to get hair loss treatment with the effective natural and normal growth of hair.
  3. This Gives Permanent Results:The hair transplant surgery is a single cosmetic treatment that offers DHT-resistant hair roots that never shows the miniaturization or hair loss in the future. The hair follicles that are extracted from the safe donor part of the scalp retain the hair loss resistivity even though the transferring process is performed from one area of the scalp to another. However, it has a key role in the restoration procedure that makes the cosmetic procedure a safe, painless and infection-free process.

Why is India a First choice of receiving Hair Transplants?

India is the first choice for receiving the cosmetic treatment, especially for hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant in India is booming with the specialist centre and proficient hair transplant surgeons make it easier to receive the best outcomes of the surgery. Nowadays, India has become a global hub when it comes to aesthetic hair transplants.

Following is the quick listing of the Facts that sets India as a worthy choice for Hair Transplants:

  • India is a top destination For Aesthetic cosmetic Treatment:

India is considered as one of the top destinations for medical tourism across the globe and clients/patients every year used to visit the nation to avail the best benefits of the surgery. There are many surgeons having international board certifications, and recognized in offering hair restoration surgery with the best natural outcomes. The price factor is one of the best-influencing factors for motivating clients to come and visit the nation for cosmetic treatment.

  • The Standard Measure for the Services:

If the clinic follows the standard measure for hygiene and care means they have strong concerns towards offering the best services of the hair transplant surgeries. They must have the international standard for safety and hygiene concern for offering the hair transplant services. There are many clinics in India provides the surgical facilities with quality care and treatment, but some of them ranked top due to a proven record of aesthetic hair transplant treatment and satisfied thousands and thousands of patients across the globe. Hair restoration forums and portals can help you a lot in finding the best and recognized names in the hair restoration fraternity.

  • Easy cost & Assured Outcomes:

The most important factor that influences patients to receive the treatment in India is the cost. The cost applicable in India for the restoration procedure is less compared to the cost applicable in the Western world countries. The basic determinant of cost is the grafts that are primarily considered in the restoration surgery. The other aspects that are considered for deciding the price, includes the employed technique, the extent of loss, and the density needed to receive the procedure.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant requires both the aesthetic and cosmetic understanding in the view of achieving the best outcomes and thus choosing the clinic and surgeon has a pivotal role in the restoration fraternity helps in fulfilling the best outcomes.