Aspects Need to Cover in Sikh Wedding Photography.

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Aspects Need to Cover in Sikh Wedding Photography.

Sikh wedding is very unique and full of colours. There are so many aspects to cover in these weddings. It is not possible for a non-professional to capture these special moments. It is better to hire a Sikh wedding photographer for your wedding. Because Sikh wedding photographyis the key. Many may think that it's expensive. But if you plan everything properly you can easily arrange a one. Because there is no way that you will like to miss capturing moments. As in the end, the pictures are the only thing that will allow you to relive those moments. Sikhs are very attached to their tradition’s roots.

So, when you hire a professional, who is aware of all this, the photographer will never miss any of the moment to capture. Here, it is a small guide that will allow you to understand what hiring a professional means and what are the aspects that the photographer will cover? Reason for telling these things are that it makes it easy for you to make a decision. Also, it will allow new photographers to understand what they have to look forward.

The Traditional wedding dress of the bride

The most important thing about any wedding is to capture the bride preparation. In the wedding of Sikh wedding photography, the preparation level reaches to the next level. There are so much rasams going on there. One of the most important moments is when a special Dupatta or you can say chunni is placed on the head of a bride. It is a must in a Sikh wedding. So, capturing one of these moments between many can be a highlight of your album.

Photoshoot of a bride

The next thing that is important is the individual pictures of a bride. In this photoshoot, the photographer covers all the details of the bride dress. Different shots and techniques are used by the photographer to click these pictures. The need for an expert photographer is necessary for that. A person who has knowledge and experience.

Groom shots while tying the Turban

For the groom, the first thing that is required to shot is the Turban ceremony. It is known by everyone that Sikh wears Turbans and feel very proud of that. Not only the groom but the men who attend the wedding also wear Turbans.For the groom, the Turban is tie by a close relative. It is important to get a perfect shot of this ceremony.

Placing kulgi on the Turban

 When the Turban ceremony end, the pin named kulgi is placed on the Turban. In the past, these pins were worn by the prince. It is also placed by someone very close to the groom. The means of wearing it is that the groom is the king of the day. At the time of this ceremony, so many people are around. So, it is very for a photographer to choose a good spot to capture a magnificent shot.

Shot of family greeting

When the entire guest arrives at the Gurdwara for further ceremonies, both families meet with one another. They greet each other with a lot of passion. It is also an important time for the photographer to stay attentive. A professional will capture all these moments superbly. That after watching the pictures you will feel those same emotions once again.

Handing over the bride

It is a very emotional part of the wedding. There are so many things going on at a time. The bride father gives one end of dupatta that is called pallah in Sikh culture to the bride. It is the sign that the father is handing over her daughter to you, mean the groom. The capturing of this moment is very crucial. The palla stays with the bride until the end of the wedding. So, hiring a photographer with proper knowledge is essential.