Atrial Fibrillation devices Market Global 2019 Size, Share Analysis, Growth, Trends, Revenue Status, Key Updates and Forecast to 2023

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Atrial Fibrillation devices Market Global 2019 Size, Share Analysis, Growth, Trends, Revenue Status, Key Updates and Forecast to 2023

The global AF (atrial fibrillation) market is set to be driven by lifestyles diseases and cardiac incidences. Diabetes and obesity cases also contribute to market growth. Also; escalation in the number of patients with hypertension, rheumatic fever, and valvular cardiac issues are some of the common factors, leading to atrial fibrillation. AF is marked by anomalous cardiac rhythms & erratic atria beats.

Quite frequently, AF begins as a short periods of anomalous beating, becoming continuous and longer with the passage of time. Chest ache, breathlessness, and cardiac palpitations may also result (on certain occasions) from AF. This illness makes patients susceptible to dementia, heart failure, and strokes. Hence, it is a kind of supraventricular tachycardia.

AF is generally managed with the help of drugs to reduce the cardiac rate to nearly regular. Across Americas and Europe, Atrial Fibrillation devices Market affected about two to three percent of the overall populace in 2014. Both these regions are propelled by their high patient base and usage of AF therapies in various medical sectors. Despite having so many drivers, the industry faces obstacles in the form of shortage of skilled medical professionals and huge healthcare expenses.

Therapeutic advancements and the burgeoning aged populace also drive the industry. Supportive clinical outcomes and growing AF incidences add market revenues. The worldwide industry is predicted to observe huge expansion during 2017 to 2023 (forecast period). Unhealthy lifestyles and excessive consumption of junk food can result in cardiac problems, AF being one of them.


The worldwide atrial fibrillation market is categorized on the basis of devices, applications, and regions. Its devices consist of surgical and non-surgical. Among surgical devices, EP ablation catheters are predicted to be the most favorite and massively-growing sub-segment in the near future. By applications, the industry is split into cardiac centers, electrophysiology laboratories, high-tech medical centers, well-established hospitals, and ambulatory wards.

Among these, well-established hospitals are likely to experience notable growth in the forecast period. Key healthcare organizations adopt catheter ablation techniques for AF treatment. These techniques are less invasive and enable faster recuperation. According to regions, the AF industry is divided into Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. Americas lead globally and should maintain their dominance till 2023.

Asia Pacific will emerge as the fastest growing market in the near future. Key players investing in the market comprise Boston Scientific Corporation, Medtronic Plc, AtriCure, Biosense Webster, and Abbott Laboratories. Majority of these participants engage in product innovations and geographical expansion to capture more shares and stay ahead of each other.

Advanced Products/News

An innovative technology, 3D catheter mapping has been developed to facilitate real-time instrument tracking in prerecorded fluoroscopy. Also, the advent of cutting-edge technologies; like watchman instruments, convergent techniques, and FIRM ablation has opened new horizons for this industry and lowered the risks of atrial fibrillation.

Rising need for enhanced imaging and minimally invasive techniques is leading to producers and vendors spending heavily on research and developments. These research activities are resulting in the development of even modern catheter ablation techniques. These techniques are intended to be promising and aim at reducing patient-discomfort. As per a new study, black Americans are more prone to developing AF than the white.

Recent lab experiments witnessed the enrollment of few African-Americans. More investigations revealed that blacks with AF were at a greater danger of suffering strokes. Thus, the study concluded that some blood thinning drugs should assist patients avoid strokes. This fact also comes in light with AF being detected earlier than usual. The company, AtriCure offers novel treatments for AF. Its ‘AtriClip Left Atrial Appendage Exclusion’ devices are the most sold AF instruments across the world.