Benefits Of Lenticular Fridge Magnets In Marketing

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Benefits Of Lenticular Fridge Magnets In Marketing

Easy targeting
Regular marketing tools have a chance of targeting the wrong people. However, fridge magnets are for reaching out to the relevant audience including people with a high likelihood of buying your product or service. This limits wasting money by targeting the wrong people. Targeted mailing lists, event giveaways, and handing out directly to customers allow putting the magnets in the right hands. It ensures that the magnets end up on the refrigerators of potential customers.
When reaching out to people, you consider the mailing list of people who purchased your product or service in a particular period. Then you send the fridge magnets to let them know your special discounts. In case the customers need your service or product, they will have a brand they know in their faces. This will most likely make them pick up the phone and call your office.
Standing out with customization
A professional lenticular printing service will get you customized fridge magnets highlighting your brand. These come in eye-catching shapes in quality materials and compelling designs to grab everyone’s attention. Additionally, you have an opportunity to select other features to make your magnets stand out including motion effect. The magnets will come with text, image, and an amazing 3D effect to win the hearts of the most hardened customer to your brand.
Easy distribution
Fridge magnets are very useful making it easy to target the right audience. This makes distribution easier. You can hand out the magnets directly to customers during an event give away. Alternatively, you can pack the magnets in each shipment to customers. The magnets are also easy to send through direct mail to a targeted audience. During business events like trade shows, exhibitions, or other promotional events, you can place the magnets at the checkout point for customers to pick as they go.
Time-tested source of reference
Efficiency and convenience are important considerations for customers when selecting favorite brands. Your brand will rank high if it offers just these. Offering customers fridge magnets makes it easy to call your office. Your number is always in their face. This allows the fridge magnets to bridge the gap between your brand and customer desire. The magnets eliminate the need to search through the phonebook to get details about your brand. You can make the magnets with your website URL, phone number, and office location.
Repetition enhances brand exposure
The customer and other people who visit the kitchen will always see your brand on the fridge magnet whenever they use the fridge. This offers endless opportunities to make your brand part of their lives by sticking in their minds. When looking for a product or service you offer, your brand will obviously be the first choice. Fridge magnets might not generate immediate sales but guarantee sales in the future with the brand exposure that goes on for years.
Exceptional value
Your brand benefits significantly from giving out fridge magnets to customers. Fortunately, the customers can use magnets for various purposes. These include attaching various items to the refrigerator including:
     kids’ artwork  
Using fridge magnets creates a wonderful showcase gallery for a variety of items. Everyone can use these magnets for a purpose that suits them. This allows throwing your brand in more faces. The magnets also come in handy to include relevant information on the fridge including favorite team’s schedule, emergency numbers, and favorite recipes. The varied uses of fridge magnets add value to the fridge with their usefulness. This increases the chances of people using your magnets regularly.
Outstanding value
Marketing tools like direct mail postcards have limited shelf life since customers view them just once. This comes with a chance of not making the most from your investment in case the customer misses to open the card. Fortunately, fridge magnets can’t be missed. These last for years making them possible to attract millions of views from a single investment. It makes the magnets a cost-effective marketing solution with a higher return on investment.
Wrapping up
The beginning of the New Year is a great moment to strategize for your business success. To move your brand to the next level, lenticular fridge magnets have the potential to open new doors. A reputable service provider will offer customized fridge magnets at an affordable price. These eye-catching magnets will always throw your brand in the customer’s face and everyone else who uses the fridge. This makes your brand to stick in their mind whenever they hope to purchase products r services your offer.