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How exactly can we define the role of social media advertising in brand and product promotion?

You, I, and almost everybody spend 2-3 hours daily on social media, scrolling up and down to browse through so many ads, pictures, and texts. We may skip watching TV every day, but not the news and updates on social media.

From the latest news updates from all corners of the world to the daily activity updates shared by our best friend, almost everything can be seen on the social media websites we are subscribed to. All that TV entertainment has now checked into these social media websites.

Thus, the reason comes out social media ads perform effectively to connect with targeted audience and they are highly preferred as business by all the best advertising agencies. These social ads act as one of the most powerful tools to bring business to the firm with the help of digital advertising agencies in Delhi NCR.

Almost every new setup and brand is getting on board with social media ads to reach out to the audience. Advertising through different media channels and with specific ad campaigns on social media can make a product or service popular by storm.

Let’s dig more into the meaning of social ads:

Before we go explaining its types, let’s understand what they are, how they work, and why they are needed.

Focusing on facts; more than 3 lakh photos are uploaded and around 4 million shares are happened every minute on Facebook. And more than 400 million tweets are published every day. Now in the rush of these Facebook updates and tweets, it sounds very difficult to make our brand or scheme visible through one of those posts or tweets.

Effective social ads design

How they are designed and what images and text should be used to make them attractive and popular among audience? – are the questions that come to our mind.

You can hire a trustworthy advertising agency like IAM Creative Communication in Delhi for promoting your brand with the help of effective social media ads.

Or remember always that different social platforms capture different types of audiences. The Instagram audiences believe in watching videos and photo updates. Whereas, Facebook acquires mixed type of audience, which is more into reading text enabled contents.

With this reason, you need to consider every digital media platform to share your ads and to reach out every kind of audience.

You can create videos, write Instagram stories, or generate carousel ads to promote a brand or product. The ad you are going to post should be visibly different and catchy from others, and most importantly – it should not be copied in any sense.

The more it goes unique and engaging, the better it gets attention from the audience.

Social media advertising through videos

If you want to be the best on social media platform in the form of ads, you must stick with the videos as 54 % of social users prefer watching videos more than texts and pictures. So giving time for making videos for ad promotion definitely worth it.

Instagram fellas love browsing short videos of less than of 15 seconds. It’s a sweet spot for the Instagram users as they do not spend much time on the videos of not their interest.

It is good to promote your business on social media on your own, but do you think you can do it better than professionals? Making social media ads is easy but you cannot make them as effective as the way social media professionals do it.

If your business is residing in the national capital region, then you must hire the best advertising agency in Delhi/NCR.

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We are a leading strategy and media consultancy agency. Kick-started in 2013, we are driven to grow alongside our clients. Our strategic insight and innovative programming helps us build and sustain long corporate and brand reputation. An INS accredited agency with more than a decade of experience, we design strategies that reduce risk and optimize positive market response by making the brand positioning well understood. Offering tailor made campaigns and strategies that would give them a boost across various traditional and dynamic media verticals. A dedicated team of 70 members, across major cities in India. We have serviced companies across the business spectrum and today boast of considerably a large clientele. From ATL activations to Digital brand building, we are the one stop solution for any client.

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