How to write an essay in the PTE exam?

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How to write an essay in the PTE exam?

To test the English language skills, PTE             tests the writing skills through the writing section. This section requires a good vocabulary base and strong grammar if you want to get a good score.

Tips to write a good Essay

You should be aware of the word limit and should not write above or beyond the word limit. The word limit is 200 – 300 words.

Read the topic properly and understand it before you start writing about it. Take few minutes to note down important points so while writing the essay, you can easily cover them. Use this tip during the PTE practice.

Write your response in a structured format. This keeps the reader engaged. If it is not in a proper flow then the quality of your essay will look poor.

Avoid using bullet points and write paragraphs. You should typically write 3 -4 paragraphs. Using the right format makes a huge difference. Cover the introduction in the first paragraph. Write about your argument in the second paragraph. Let the third paragraph cover your viewpoint and the last paragraph should have a strong conclusion. Write clear and concise paragraphs. Use this technique while doing the online PTE practice.

Avoid the use of jargons and make correct use of phrases. Try this when you are taking the PTE practice.

You should brush your vocabulary base. Using the correct word in a sentence is very important. If you use a wrong word then you will end up losing points as your sentence will make incorrect sense.

You can improve your grammar and vocabulary by taking grammar and vocabulary exercises during your PTE practice.This helps to improve your grammar and will also increase your vocabulary base.

Use simple, compound and complex sentences. Your essay should be a mixture of all three. Content is key here. So make sure your content creates an impact.

Use proper grammar. This includes proper tense and singular and plural usage should be correct.

Avoid making spelling mistakes. You will end up losing points. You should also capitalize on letters where ever they are necessary.

Use proper punctuations where ever they are needed. This will give you more points.

Give examples in your response. This will help in conveying your thoughts in a better way and give you more points. Try adopting this tip while taking the online PTE practiceand see how it improves your score.

Avoid overpopulating the paragraph with ideas. A good essay is one that is easy to read and easy to understand. You should not confuse the reader. If you add too many ideas then it will lead to covering irrelevant ideas. Try following this during the PTE practice.

After you complete writing the essay, adopt the habit of proofreading it. This will help you to avoid errors and gives you a chance of correcting them. Check for all minor and major spell errors. You should proofread even when you take the online PTE practice.You should also make sure that you have strictly written on the topic that is asked. If you write anything irrelevant then you will end up losing points.

You can ace this section with proper practice. You should practice writing essays on different topics and doing a maximum amount of online PTE practice.You should enough amount of reading and writing practice. You should give mock tests and practice tests that are available online. This will prepare you for the real PTE exam and also evaluate where you currently stand. If you are sure you can write on any topic given to you then you are ready for the writing section.