Best cities in California for families you should consider

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Best cities in California for families you should consider

Are you planning on moving to California with your family? That is great news! Even though many people claim that California is not a great place for raising children, be sure that they are talking about bigger cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, etc. Yes, those cities are not suitable for families as they are crowded, expensive and not really safe. But, California is a big state. And, it is full of smaller, family-friendly cities. Some of which we will mention in this article. But, what makes them great? Well, according to the residents living there - they have great schools, safe neighborhoods, plenty of activities for kids, and parents there are able to find great housing and jobs that pay well. Thus, if you are interested in finding out more about those cities, keep on reading.

1. Imperial

Imperial is a small town in California, located just north of Mexico. And, during the year of 2019, it was proclaimed as the most family-friendly city in California. Actually, more than 60% of its residents are either parents or children. And, if you ask them, they would never leave Imperial. So, what are you waiting for - prepare your kids for moving to another city. Imperial, even small, has everything one family would need - great schools for children of all ages, a good health system, a low unemployment rate and plenty of things to do on those days off. The only disadvantage of moving to Imperial would be getting a job. Yes, there are rarely new job openings. But, do not let that scare you. Many people from here have jobs in neighboring cities, one of which is Chula Vista. And, as the roads and the transportation systems are well developed, commuting is rather easy and fast.

2. Moorpark

Moorpark is second on our list of the most family-friendly cities in California. It is great if you want to move with your family, or plan on staring one soon. Trust us, both you and your children will love it there. Unlike, the previously mentioned city - Imperial, Moorpark is much better when it comes to employment. Finding a job there will be rather easy. But, again, if you have no luck, you can always commute to the nearby Los Angeles. Moreover, schools here are top-notch too, and they are all located in safe districts. And, when your children are not at school and you need to take them somewhere to burn out all that energy, you can all choose between 20 different parks. Each of these parks offers plenty of activities for children, but also for adults too. So, if you like what you hear, consider callingGood Neighbors Moving Company LAto help you relocate.

3. San Marino

San Marino is another family-friendly city! And, again, it offers all the amenities one family would desire. Yes, you will be able to find a good job, your children will go to great schools, and you all will have something to do on those days off. However, what sets this city apart from all the others we previously mentioned is the price tag. Yes, this city, located just outside of Pasadena, at the base of the Angeles National Forest, can break your bank. Almost everything is more expensive here. But, as we all know, nice things come with a nice price tag. However, if you do decide to move to San Marino, be sure that you will notice a difference. Moreover, most household members will be working as bankers or engineers. So, even if the cost of living is high, do not worry, salaries will be too! It is the right time to start thinking about tips to help you save time and money when moving to San Marino.

4. Torrance

According to many residents living here, Torrance is California's hidden gem. It is the most beautiful little town located just on the coast. There are no skyscrapers or crowds here, only family homes and close-knit communities. As soon as you move, you will meet some of the greatest neighbors ever, no doubt about that. Moreover, this town is affordable, has plenty of housing options, the unemployment rate is low, there are more than thirty schools, etc. But, what makes this town extra special is its closeness to the beach. Your every day can be filled with beach tours, picnics, water sports and all sorts of fun. However, this small town will not stay small forever. Since many people realized how great living here can be, more and more are moving here. So, if you are one of them too, better move soon!

5. Mission Viejo

And, last but definitely not the least family-friendly city in California on our list is Mission Viejo. And, why? Well, because, just like all the previously mentioned California's cities, it is safe, diverse, hip, and offers all the amenities one family could need. However, it has two more things that all families enjoy - the seaside and the mountains. Yes, both of them are located in close proximity. So, on those days off, whether summer or winter, you will know exactly where to go and what to do with your little ones. Mission Viejo is also full of coffee shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, malls, game centers, etc. And, because of all this, you may find some tourists around during the holidays. Thus, if you do not mind the occasional crowds, and like living in safe but modern cities, Mission Viejo could be the right choice.