Best Hair Maksk for Shinny _ Glossy Hair

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Best Hair Maksk for Shinny _ Glossy Hair

I'm gonna wash my hair and brush it and hopefully, that works. That seems to be taking care of a lot of these chunks. I mean I still have a bunch right there. It looks like you got boogers on my hair. This is the thing though. You're not supposed to be brushing your hair when it's wet because of the weight of the water. Pulls extra on your hair.

And kidney damage. Actually, most of the time just damages. All the right people. It's been. 42 minutes.

Trying to remove banana chunks out of my hair and I'm sure I still have chunks of banana arms hurt from brushing. So what I'm going to do now is dry my hair is dried and the only way I can which is dramatic is. First impressions My hair feels crazy like I put on a little too much shine oil on my hair which is crazy because if you remember I wash my hair for a long time. I was all there all a beautiful experience it was like a banana scented hair.

At the moment I don't know what is the difference. Hold on. Now that I'm looking at the before and after. Right here I do see a huge difference especially because of look at the phrase on the before picture. Look how dry and light puffy locks and then on the after looks calmer he looks, tamer. It does look shinier. I mean as Carlos and he was I know it does look shinier.

Passing my fingers. So. You. This is a brighter shinier. I don't notice it much. I do.

You can use this product african pride braid sheen spray extra shine for glossy hair

The bottom line is it does kind of work. Just not 100 percent what she's showing us on this picture is. But if you do try. You want to see those results on your own hair. Definitely use that cloth. Otherwise, you're going to be dealing with it. Nasty crazy banana chunks. Just use the cloth and look I have to say this is really sad and disappointing to see gurus out there. Edit Didn't result in lying to people about those retold. You're doing a couple of things from here. You're lying.

You're misinforming. You're wasting people's time you're wasting people's money potentially putting their health at risk. That's myths up now for you. My beautiful people, my heart Hold on. My heartbeat stops beautifully. My God. If you want to stop wasting your time and efforts you want to skip all that but subscribe to this channel. That's what I'm here for. I'm going to be trying and testing so that you don't have to talk about skipping.

But let me share something with you from Carlos. These are. Biodegradable compostable eco-friendly straws but he wants to share with you as an alternative to plastic straws said as you already know are really damaging our planet. They're made of bamboo and I personally think they're better than metallic straws. I used to use them but you have to keep washing them and sometimes your water tastes like corroded metal. So these are gray. You use him like regular straws you throw them away and that said you don't have to worry because they're compostable and biodegradable.

That's it for today. I want to be here in the next video of course. So don't forget to subscribe hit the notifications bell if you have not done so so that you don't miss that next episode in that said guys are the US passes.

It looks like you got boogers on my hair.