Best Parent App In India Every Family Members Should Own

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Best Parent App In India Every Family Members Should Own

OBF-One big family apps is the best parent app in India every family members should own. It is a unique app that caters to the needs of parents, senior citizens & family by providing them access to a variety of services and tools which can either be used by them directly or accessed by their family members on their behalf, thus making technology more accessible for them. it is simple and seamless for the elderly and allow their family members to pitch in and help them with all transactions. Download the app now

We believe that the senior citizens to try out a variety of services from the comfort of a single app, with guidance from their families. We have created an ecosystem that helps senior citizens do more online. The obf app provides services under various verticals such as.

1. Payments:

OBF- (One Big Family)app is the best parent app in India. it provides various online payments like mobile prepaid and postpaid, landline, electricity, gas, DTH, insurance and many more for parents, senior citizens & family under the guidance from their family, The payments can be done directly by the elderly people or by the family members on behalf of them.

2. Health Care:

It serves in various health services to senior citizens. It provides medicines, home diagnostics, lab tests, wellness packages, online consultation and also you can book a doctor’s appointment for your parents. It is indeed one of the best parent app in India.

3.Emergency Services:

On a single swipe, a parent can notify their family members about their emergency needs & one can quickly react to book an ambulance on a single tap thus making it best parent app in India to take care of their elderly parent no matter where ever you are. 

4. Home Services:

It provides home services which make it one of the best parent app in India. a senior citizens can book services like home cleaning; Beauty services, Electricians, Plumbers, Electronic appliances through  OBF app or anyone from a family member can book on behalf of their parents.

5. Cabs:

You can book a cab on your parent’s behalf with a single tap that’s making it one of the best parent app in India every family members should own. Now with ease, your parents, family or senior citizens can travel anywhere in the city.

6. Concierge Services:

 For all the senior citizens here is not to worry about the Grocery Pick up, Laundry Services, Food pick up, Medicine picks up and also assistance for bank visits. OBF app(one big family app) has got you covered by introducing the concierge services where all your needs are delivered with ease thus making it one of the best parent app in India.

7. Gift A Surprise:

Living in abroad and worried about not being there on your parents special day, here OBF app gives you the opportunity to book a surprise for your loved ones and make them feel special truly the best app in India.

8. Matrimony:

Senior citizens across India are now giving relationships a second chance through marriage. OBF app(one big family app) which is the best parent apps in India. Provides matrimony services for single parents. Now your parents never have to live alone.

9. Employment:

 Here the objective is simple- to get jobs for senior citizens, who wants them. The app gives the elderly people an opportunity to upload their resume in the employment section of the app. Let OBF app(one big family app) finds you employers who are seeking candidates that match your resume.

10. Events:

 OBF app(one big family app) is truly the best app in India every family member should own. It has a special category in it called events, where it shows you if there are any events or celebrations going on nearby. So that senior citizens can take part in their free time. There is also an option for reminding the elderly parents.

As you can tell, there are more countless services that can not only help parents with daily tasks but also help them stay in touch with their loved ones.

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