Best Pizzas to Taste in Italy

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Best Pizzas to Taste in Italy

Are you fond of having pizza or occasionally enjoys having it? A vegetarian pizza or a non-vegetarian pizza, a basic pepperoni pizza or Hawaiian style pizza, a pizza lover is fond of all types. But, if you have not yet tasted some of the best in Italy, you must start doing it. A pizza is not just a portion of food, but it also has the potential to bring everyone together.

If you are considering the cultural impact, it is nothing to surprise what pizza had across the globe. There is no city in the world without a pizza outlet. It is just a simple dish made of basic ingredients and now all over the world craves for it. But if you are visiting Italy and want to taste the best pizzas in the world, then here is the list of very best pizzas to taste-

  1. Pizza Tonda Romana
  1. type of pizza belongs to the capital city of Italy, Rome. It is round in shape, and flat with a very thin crust. Pizza Tonda Romana is crispy and has a cracker-like thin crust. It is made from a very low hydration dough (56 percent), with added oil and needs a short time to form. This type of pizza is commonly available in Rome, and most parts of Italy. In several parts of Italy, la pizza tonda Romana is also popular as pizza bassa.
  1. Pizza Napoletana

It is one of the famous types of pizza found in Italy and pizza hut menu. la pizza Napoletana is shield by a TSG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) Certification, which can only be made in a specific way. The style of making la pizza Napoletanawas enlisted in the intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

  1. dough of this pizza is comprised of wheat flour, salt, yeast, and water - all mixed are left for 24-hours to rise. It is flat in shape and round disk, which is made by hand, and around 3 mm thick. la pizza Napoletanais topped with ingredients and baked in the blistering heat for the exact 90 seconds in a wood-burning oven. outcome of this unique style of pizza making is a soft and fluffy crust. This type of pizza is only available at local La Pasta Restaurant and Eataly’s La Pizza.

Pizza Fritta

  1. is basically a fried pizza dough, which is classic street food, Pizza Fritta comes in many forms and different shapes. Like calzone is shaped like a half-moon, and montanara is round in shape. This style of pizza was born out of a crisis. To maintain the tradition of their staple dish, Neapolitan Cooks has fried the dough instead of baking it, then filled it with available ingredients.
  1. Pizza alla Pala
  1. pizza style was originated in bakeries of Roma, as a means to utilize leftover bread dough. Pizza alla Pala is topped with fresh ingredients, and a slice of it is served on a wooden paddle. style of pizza has a highly-hydrated dough of 80 percent water and cooked in an electric oven at 580°F. Each slice of Pizza alla Pala is fluffy, and soft with a crispy exterior.
  1. Pizza Siciliana

This style of pizza has a fluffy, and thick crust with sponge-like consistency. Pizza Sicilianais baked in a rectangular-shaped pan, the decorated with anchovies, tomato sauce, oregano, onions, and cheese. It is covered also in breadcrumbs that help to absorb oil from the ingredients. Pizza Sicilianais often served in bakeries as street food or snacks.

  1. Pizza al Taglio

It is the perfect style of pizza to enjoy as street food. Pizza al Taglio is baked in a large rectangular pan and then cut into long strips or squares. The prize of each slice depends on its weight and offers the customer a preference to opt for the big slice.

  1. Pizza al Padellino

This type of pizza is baked in small round shaped pans. Pizza al Padellino is served in Torino, has a soft and thick crust, which becomes brownish on the outside while baking. It is topped with a variety of ingredients, from mozzarella to prosciutto. It is also a famous style of pizza in Italy.

So, these are the various style of pizza available in Italy and other parts of the world. Pizza lovers must be eager to taste them all.