Best places in Kerala which Prove it is a Coastal Paradise:

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Best places in Kerala which Prove it is a Coastal Paradise:

Kerala is a beautiful south-western state of India that remains in the limelight due to its natural beauty. Kerala is also known as the “God’s own Country” because of the stunningly amazing landscapes it contains. Situated on India’s tropical Malabar Coast, Kerala is truly a coastal paradise having Arabian Sea shoreline. 

You will find many picturesque beaches, hill stations, valleys and green pastures that will make you agree with us! Before you plan your trip to Kerala, you should surely read about these awesome places which prove Kerala to be coastal paradise. These are the best places which you should absolutely add into your itinerary! Read on to know about them: 

1.    Kovalam: 
Beach lovers should not miss the opportunity to visit Kovalam on their Kerala trip. Kovalam is one of the best beach locations of Kerala. You must have seen the images of perfect beaches on the internet. Well, the Lighthouse Beach of Kovalam fully resembles with those dreamy pictures. 

It’s not just the beach and sand, but there are green canopied hills and a lighthouse that makes the whole landscape truly picturesque. Apart from the beauty, this place is also a hub of fun-filled activities like parasailing, water sports, Ayurvedic massages, sunbathing fests and what not! 

2.    Varkala: 

Varkala is yet another beach destination that enhances the beauty of Kerala. This seaside town is home to some of the most enticing beaches. The one side of this town is surrounded by lofty cliffs while the other one is covered with lush greenery. 
Zillion of tourists visits Varkala to enjoy water sports and natural beauty. You can try an array of activities like surfing, parasailing, boat riding, jetting, horse riding, etc. here. The entire town transforms into a divine destination during sunrise and sunset! 

3.    Kannur: 

Kannur is a scenic town popular for the weaving industries. Once a colonial town, it is now a living example of old colonial structures which is often visited by the tourists. You can find lots of stunning beaches here are well. 
The cashew plantations, age-old temples and magnificent monuments of this town are totally worth visiting. If you love small and serene locations, then you must visit Kannur. 

4.    Kasargod: 

Kasargod is indeed one of the many beautiful gems that Kerala hold in its lap. This is a small yet, very scenic destination. Having proximity to Bekal, this heavenly land is nestled amidst the Western Ghats on one side and the azure Arabian Sea on the other. 
Photo lovers and nature admirers should definitely add Kasargod into their travel list. The verdant hills, coconut plantation, surreal ambiance and lots of temples of this place will make your holiday amazing!

5.    Kizhunna Beach:

If you love solitude more than anything else, then this beach is surely meant for you. Kizhunna is a secluded beach of Kerala that remains mostly untouched by people. The tourists who decide to pay a visit get the chance to savor the pristine charms of this beach. 

Kizhunna Beach is ideal for rejuvenating your body and mind. The place is embellished by black and reddish cliffs and surrounded by green palms. You can visit this beach for a serene walk, swimming or sunbathing without any disturbance. 

6.    Thrissur: 

Thrissur is a rich cultural town of Kerala that features many scenic waterfalls and beaches. The celebrations of festivals like Thrissur Pooram and Onam are done on a very large scale here because of which it is also known as the “Cultural Capital of Kerala”. 
Monsoon infuses new magic into this town, and the vistas of waterfalls look heavenly after monsoon here. So, visit after the monsoon months to catch the best sights of Thrissur. 

7.    Poovar:

If you think that natural beauty is the only highlight of Kerala, then you are absolutely wrong. The place is also famous for luxurious stay locations and resorts. Yes, you will agree on it more after staying in one of the classy resorts of Poovar. 
People visit Poovar mainly to see the spectacular Poovar Beach and stay in one of the plush resorts that are situated near this beach. If you want a mentally rejuvenating vacation, then you should surely stay in any of these sea-facing resorts at Poovar.

8.    Kuttanad: 

When talking about heaven like charms, the rural side of Kerala is also not far behind. You can experience this fact by visiting the rural area of Kuttanad. This rural area is situated in the Alappuzha region of Kerala. You will find beautiful farmlands surrounded by inland waterways and stunning canals here. 

Apart from it, you can also witness the famous backwaters of Kerala at Kuttanad. The charming villages and agricultural fields of this rural region are ideal for a calming vacation! 

9.    Munroe Island: 

Your experience of Kerala is incomplete without witnessing the famous boat races, and there is no better place than Munroe Island to see these races. Nestled at the confluence of River Kallada and Ashtamudi Lake, this island is famous for a canal cruise. 
This is yet another rural area with narrow canals, coconut plantations, thatched roofs, and mangrove forests. Visit this place during September if you wish to see the famous boat race. Avoid going there in monsoon. 

10.     Kavvayi Backwaters:     

The Kerala backwaters are so famous that you can’t afford to miss them. The best place to experience these backwaters is Kavvayi Island. Being the third-largest backwaters of Kerala and one of the most picturesque destinations, this place always remains flocked with travelers. 

The island is formed at the confluence of rivers such as Kavvayi, Kuppithodu, Konkol, and Kuningan. Stay in a houseboat in the backwaters of Kavvayi to feel the charms of backwaters. Lay back and relax as your houseboat pass through some of the most spectacular scenarios. 

So, any of the above-given destinations of Kerala can make your holiday truly delightful. These places also show why Kerala is known as a coastal paradise.