Best Places To visit in Cancun 2019

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Best Places To visit in Cancun 2019

Cancun is popular for its comprehensive lodgings and boisterous nightlife. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you look past the self-evident, there are loads of concealed spots that you can appreciate inside simple reach of the city. Here are the absolute best. 

MUSA Underwater Museum 

One of the primary motivations to go to Isla Mujeres is to visit this one of a kind submerged exhibition hall of in excess of 400 statues. It was structured as a spot for jumpers and swimmers to visit so as to ease the heat off of the coral reef close by. 

Isla Contoy 

Rather than going to Isla Mujeres like every other person, head 30 miles north to the ensured Isla Contoy. It's known as the most significant settling site for ocean feathered creatures in the Caribbean, and just 200 guests are permitted onto the island every day. 

Cenote Dos Ojos 

Found a couple of hours drive from Cancun, this staggering limestone sinkhole is a most loved among cavern jumpers and swimmers. There are two pools to investigate, and jumpers can swim between the two by means of a cave. 

Rio Secreto 

The Secret River is the biggest non-submerged collapse the Yucatan landmass, and you can swim through the underground waterway on a guided visit. There are a large number of stalactites and stalagmites, and the visit is an incredible prologue to the mind boggling geology of the zone. 

Hacienda El Mortero 

Cancun's Hotel Zone is stuffed with bars and cafés, yet Hacienda El Mortero merits a visit in the event that you need to experience old world appeal without voyaging excessively far. Nobody will contend that it's the most credible Mexican eating knowledge, however the eatery has its appeal. 

Excellent Mambo Café 

Get down with local people at this salsa, merengue and bachata club in Cancun. Practice your means, or simply appreciate the unrecorded music that is on Wednesday through Saturday. 

Isla Holbox 

On the off chance that you have the opportunity, take a contract plane to Isla Holbox, which is far speedier than the four-hour drive. This island heaven is home to a large number of feathered creatures, including flamingos, and it's to a great extent pristine white sands are stunning. 

Coba ruins 

While numerous individuals head to the pyramids of Chichen Itza, the remains at Coba are calmer and progressively courageous. Set in rich wilderness, an excursion here feels more like you're unusual than following the crowd. 

Puerto Morelos 

On the off chance that you need to escape the skyscraper city of Cancun, bring a taxi 20 miles down the coast to the calm angling town of Puerto Morelos. There are incredible sea shores, swimming visits, and astounding nourishment. 


Bring a day outing down the coast to see the turtles at the narrows of Akumal. You don't have to go on a visit, just take a snorkel and cover. You will have the option to see turtles most days inside simple reach of the shore. Make sure to treat them consciously.

You will love to discover incredible places in the city, besides that you will know thousands of places from which you will acquire thousands of experiences and without a doubt you will want to return for more soon.

Cancun is not only sun, sea and sand, Cancun is history, experiences and unique experiences no matter with whom you travel to the city, the further you go to know the city the more you want to know about the things you do not know about it, you will love to know that Cancun is also an ideal destination for anyone who wants to have a new travel experience, because unlike other places, Cancun is going to wrap you completely with its incredible activities to be done, also you can get a Cancun car rental to maximize your experience in the city.

We hope you can spend an incredible trip in the city with these little tips.