Booming results of EMSCULPT abdomen treatment in Miami

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Booming results of EMSCULPT abdomen treatment in Miami

Everyone should be conscious of their bodies as it is the only place where you live. Looking into the matter, science has given us some amazing treatments through which we can get the desired body shape. 

Most of those treatments like cool sculpting, radiofrequency therapies, etc. target at fat cells and tends to remove them with high energy. But what about those who have a pinch of fat and are trying their level best to achieve a supermodel body? Don’t worry because technology had found a solution for it also. 

Recently BTL manufacturers have launched a device in the United Kingdom that works on muscles instead of fat giving you a desired super model body with all those abs and uplifted buttocks. This treatment is known as EMSCULPT. 

EMSCULPT treatmentis the talk of the town for Miami people and everyone is curious to know how this treatment works and are there any side effects or risk factors associated with it. Today’s blog is all about EMSCULPT treatments, its results, process, and side effects and risk factors. Stay tuned with us to gather all the knowledge about this magnificent treatment. 

What is EMSCUPLT Treatment?

EMSCUPLT treatment is the only treatment that works upon the abdomen and buttocks of men and women by building muscles and burning fat on more rapid speed. It is the world’s first butt lift non-invasive procedure. 


1.    EMSCUPLT treatments use HIFEM energy to induce supramaximal muscle contractions in the body at target areas like buttock, abdomen, thighs, upper arms, or triceps that are not achievable through voluntary contractions.

2.    These High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic when exposed to target areas, forces muscle tissues to adapt to such extreme conditions. 

3.    In response to those extreme conditions, remodeling of inner structure start taking place that results in building up muscles and burning fat in more rapid speed.

4.    A single session of this treatment takes around 30-40 minutes. It is advised to take a minimum of 4 sessions apart 2-3 days in a schedule. 

How does treatment feel like?

It is the non-invasive, non- surgical treatment that does not cause any pain in the body. It feels like an intensive workout routine. The patient is asked to lie down and relax while the session and is allowed to carry out his daily routine works right after the session. 


Results of this treatment are as follows:

•    Fat reduction

•    Increase in muscle mass

•    Reduction in Diastases Recti

•    Non-invasively Buttocks lifting

•    The sexy abdomen for men and women.

The patient begins to feel tangible results right after the first session. Positive results are usually reported after two to four weeks from the last session, and continuous improvement is seen for several weeks following the treatment as suggested by their physician.

The eligibility criterion for EMSCULPT:

•    Both men and women are eligible for this treatment

•    This is for the people below 30 Body Mass index

•    Any age group can undergo this treatment.

Side effects or risk factors of EMSCULPT:

There are no as such side effects or risk factors associated with this treatment because it is 100% non-surgical and non-invasive treatment. It does not cause any specific pain or discomfort while or after surgery.

EMSCULPTis fully Non-Ionizing, Non-Radiating, and Non-Thermal treatment that is an Efficacious and Repeatable. Even though anesthesia allergen patients can undergo this treatment without any risk as it does not involves any such injections. Be sure to tell your physician about your medical history before getting this treatment. 

Summary: If you are one desiring to get a supermodel body without any pain, discomfort, or surgery can go for EMSCUPLT treatment. It works efficiently on the abdomen and buttock region by building up muscles and enhancing fat metabolism to burn fat with more rapid speed. It is 100% safe and risks free treatment for both men and women.