Brief Guide: How to Choose the Right Forklift Lights

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Brief Guide: How to Choose the Right Forklift Lights

Therefore, many forklift options are essential and dominant in industries with material handling because it allows customers to buy forklift lights according to specific requirements. The cold storage industry requires additional precautions to shield against low temperatures and moisture.  
The idea can be considered in accessories like forklift lights. Below is a breakdown of the various light options that will help you make an informed decision:

Bulb Lighting Options
Halogen lights use bulbs with filaments that are subject to damage by shock or vibration. The battery used is likely to drain faster due to higher amp draw compared to LED lights, hence reducing the operation time of the forklifts powered by the battery. However, they are mostly cheaper compared to LEDs.
The LED lights lack filaments hence long-lasting compared to halogen. They have a lower amp draw and do not overheat like halogen. The LED headlight is suitable for consumable goods companies because the lenses are plastic and not glass. Despite the expensive nature of the LED lights, a user saves money in the long run due to the low cost of replacement and electric bills for products powered by a battery.

Headlights Lighting Options You Need to Know
Overhead Guard Headlights
Most containing overhead guard by default have mounted headlights on the right and the left pillars of the overhead guard. The lights can be modified to fit operator cabins that are enclosed.
Inset Headlights
These headlights are mounted on top but inside the overhead guard. The overhead guard protects these lights from damage but limits the effectiveness because the mast blocks the forward projection of the lights.
Low Profile
These headlights are mounted in the same position as the standard headlights but have a narrow profile compared to the standard version. This feature shields the lights without entirely confining it on the overhead guard. There are both mast-mounted and guard-mounted versions.
Front Combination
These are added extra functions to headlights mounted on the overhead guard like clearance and signal lights.

Rear Work Lights
Rear Work
These lights are mounted behind the overhead guard focused on the rear of the forklift, useful when moving in reverse
Low Profile (Rear Work)
The low profile lights are installed on the back overhead guard and confined with it for protection.  
Rear Combination
These lights give other indicators on the back overhead guard, like stop, back-up, and turn signal lights.

Specialty Lights
These lights assist in alerting pedestrians that the forklift is present. There are many colors and may be installed in varying positions per the model.
Blue spot
These lights are installed on the forklift’s overhead guard and focused either in front or behind the forklift. They alert pedestrians of the forklift’s presence, especially when exiting or entering aisles.
Red Zone
These are installed on the right and left of the overhead guard focused on the ground like a spotlight. The alert pedestrians and operators using red light of the presence of the forklift

Activation Types
Headlights On
The headlights are connected to a switch that turns them on when pressed.
Headlights Off
This option switches off the headlights when the vehicle turns off hence reducing amp draw.
Key On and Off lights
This option automatically turns all related lights on upon key turn and off when the forklift turns off. The lights associated with the option vary depending on configurations
Auto-Off Lights
This option allows the lights to turn off when oil pressure is at a certain specified level. It ensures the lights are off despite the engine on the state.

Importance of Forklift Lights
The forklift lights are vital for safety and visibility. Often, workers wear headphones and are focused on their work in an environment with loud machines and may not notice the movements.
The lights also help the forklift operator to see the sloping grade and obstructions on the ground.

Types of Forklift Lights

Sealed Beam
They are used in headlamps and any other front-facing lights. Despite its low price, they are less durable, fragile than others and have small lumen. They are suitable for indoor where a forklift is visible.
Halogen Lamps
They are standard car headlights and have stronger beams than sealed beams. They are easy to install but fragile, hence, handling with care is mandatory.
LED Lights
They are forklift lights with the best quality and longest life span. It puts out above 1000 light lumens and is costly compared to the rest.