Career Counselling - A Necessity in India

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Career Counselling - A Necessity in India

Selecting a career choice is one of the toughest decisions we have to make. Often, our choices are influenced heavily by our family, friends, and the society we live in. But if you end up choosing a career that you do not enjoy, it will be a decision that you will regret for the rest of your life.

Why Career Counselling in India is Necessary

In India, in particular, the pressures of society force many students to choose paths that they do not want to; they do it to please their families. Careers in humanities and the arts are discouraged to the point where pursuing it makes some parents shame their children for those choices. The constant hunt for money and social status has made engineering and medicine the most chosen careers in India. But the fields do not have enough posts for the lakhs of children who aspire to be doctors and engineers, and the competition often drives the students down a spiral of mental health issues. The consequences of choosing an unsuitable career stretch from general resentment to severe depression.

This is exactly why career counseling in India is necessary at this point. The whole concept of career counseling is foreign to most sectors of our society. Many cultures across the world offer counsel to students at several stages of their education to make sure they select the right streams and subjects every time they have a choice.

Career counseling in India is perhaps most relevant from the point when students choose their major streams. Their options include science, humanities, and commerce. Even within these streams, they can choose between the subjects – the biomedicine branch includes biology, mathematics, chemistry, and physics, and those who wish to pursue engineering usually go for the computer science branch, which substitutes biology with programming. Career counselling in India should start early before the kids have to make that decision because their career really begins from that point.

Without the right career counselling in India, students are not even aware of multiple careers that are available. Jobs in the arenas of arts and humanities are not encouraged, and most students are fed false information about such careers so that they do not think about picking it. The common rhetoric involves misconceptions like how non-science streams pay much less, which is easily disproved if you conduct some research. 

What are the Signs of Good Career Counselling?

A good career counselling firm incorporates a step-by-step procedure to explore and assess various career options. They also take into consideration the students’ passions, interests, and talents.

If the chosen career does not cater to your interests, you are bound to lose interest in the job after a while. This again will lead to a mind-numbing dissatisfaction, which can be avoided if you make an informed decision early on.

Being unaware of your strengths and weaknesses can lead to huge misjudgments while picking a career. Often, parents force kids into making rushed choices of careers they have zero skills or interests in. If the student is not skilled in mathematics, an engineering career will be torturous for them.

Proper career counseling in India should also ideally inform its clients about the various colleges a student can apply for after they have chosen their preferred subject. The company should be able to identify the client’s economic desires and personal preferences to suggest the right university. Information about the application processes and how to crack the entrance tests are also to be provided.

Choosing a career made easy

Unlike the old days, where the scope of jobs and professional opportunities was limited, things are changing now. In a world with diverse career possibilities, it is crucial to understand and choose a career wisely. For every person, career opportunities may vary, depending upon their aptitude, strengths, and interests. 

Now, to be able to pick the right profession, several career evaluation tests have been developed. A variety of career assessment tests are accessible today. These assessment tests vary in their scope. While some tests are promoted for assessing abilities, others help in testing your personality or evaluate your interests and gauge workplace values.

What is a career personality test?

A career personality test is a complete, scientifically validated career test that helps measure both the interests and personality traits of a person. This test is beneficial to find an appropriate career, as per the test results.

The career personality test can be obtained through various means. Several colleges with a designated team for career counseling services have set criteria and portfolios for such evaluation tests. These career assessment tests can be obtained and used by the students and alumni, likewise.

Certified assessment supervisors and career coaches are also now available. Their main job is to offer you the ability to complete the full assessment. Moreover, these coaches also help you with a detailed interpretation of your test results. Some organizations grant access to their complete portfolio of assessment tools as part of their library of career evaluation records.