Catalogue Of Car Fridges On The Market In 2020

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Catalogue Of Car Fridges On The Market In 2020

Automobile refrigerator

We made a listing of the maximum popular Mini car fridges this year at Transcom Digital. Click on the only that catches your attention and find out car deep fridge price in Bangladesh its capabilities and fee!

The first-rate fashions of Mini portable vehicle fridge to buy at Transcom Digital

We have also prepared a brief evaluate of all the blessings of the maximum famous Mini vehicle fridges in our on-line shop. Do not omit it!

Bluefin electric-powered portable fridge with Compressor (24/33/forty two/60/eighty litres) - Mini Refrigerator Freezer Works with AC or DC - rigid fridge for automobile Camper travel Truck (33 litres)

• It offers you a temperature of 0 ° C in less than a half-hour after connected.

• work with voltages of 12, 24, one hundred or 240v.

• It has a display screen that permits you to examine day and night time.

• It is available in fashions with capacities of 25, 35, forty-two, 60 or 80 litres.

• Its cover is made of special non-slip rubber for trips.

ISSYZONE portable fridge forty-two litres electric-powered compressor with Battery Controller, 12/24 V for automobile, Caravan, automobile, domestic use and Plug

• way to the generation of its compressor it reaches a temperature of 0 ° C in 15 minutes.

• it really works with voltages of 12/24 and 220 / 240v.

• you can use it in campsites, vehicles, boats, caravans, etc.

• The inner dimensions are: sixteen.5 x 26.1 x 19.Five cm, that is equal to the capability of forty-two litres.

• The sound it emits is much less than 40dB.

INTEY electric transportable fridge, Thermoelectric fridge, perfect for the car, domestic and outdoors, 96W power, 12V AC car, A ++ power Saving, 12L ability
• you can keep your food at a temperature beneath 20 ° C or up to 60 ° C.

• it may work with 12 ve includes an adapter. If you want to use it at home you must get a 220-2440v adapter.

• It has a potential of 12 litres.

• Its layout is subtle and its edges are round to keep away from injuries.

• It has a 3-years warranty.

What expenses are the portable Thermoelectric refrigerators for the vehicle?

Our car fridges are the proper approach to hold your drinks or food cold for the duration of travel.

We have at your disposal various levels, capacities and charges. You pick out in step with what you want!

The prices of our Mini car fridges range among 350 and 500 EUR.

Evaluations & Comparisons: Is it worth the price of Mini automobile refrigerators?

The value-gain ratio of our vehicle fridges makes our customers very glad.

Mini car fridges are mainly designed to hold drinks in the area.

Way to its resistant materials and the shape of its cabinets, nothing is spilt even in case you undergo potholes or deliver a brake.

You could additionally get an appliance with a view to improving your tour revel in an awesome manner!

Advantages of our electric vehicle fridges

• you could have your meals warm or bloodless in your vehicle.

• some also can be used with 220v voltage, you just have to find an adapter.

• As soon as they're related they attain the preferred temperature fast.

• Its operation isn't always uncomfortable in phrases of the noise it produces.

In our online shop, it is straightforward to buy your Mini vehicle refrigerator, cheap and on sale!

Vehicle fridges are best for bringing your drinks to the right temperature. In our on-line sales store, we've got at your disposal the best offers, discounts and reductions.

What are you expecting to shop for that car fridge you need?

Take gain of our promotions with unfastened shipping and in less than 24 hours!