Change In The Trends Of Movies

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Change In The Trends Of Movies

We all love watching movies in theater, at home, on laptops or desktops, online and on social media applications. But it was not the same scenario always. There is a big change in the trends of movies.Movies are the great source of entertainment and it is considered to be the best substitute for time pass.

During the early stages of movies, the overall experiences of the movies created then was totally different than of nowadays. The movies used to be silent and black and white. There was no colored tape or reel to record the scenes and sequences. But with the passage of time things changed. The new technology was the face of change for movies forever.

Now we can watch movies on the portable devices by storing the movies content in the small IT gadgets. And even if we don’t want to keep them personally we can search the movies and watch them all online with the help of internet.

Benefits of Movies:

  • Movies or Films are the running pictorial images or combinations of images of fiction and reality.
  • It has given practical definitions to our dreamy stories and fiction thoughts.
  • Movies are considered as the most impactful source of entertainment.
  • Movies are like time travelers as it shows different time zones in the movies.
  • It is among the main sources of employment for the people.
  • Movies are made with the help of great talents in the world, and their talent is reflected in the movies.
  • It is a great tool for learning, it also help us to differentiate among good or bad things.
  • Movies are the messengers of new technology and invention.
  • Movies are the great platform to raise the social issues and bring the real crimes in the limelight through acting.

Disadvantages of Movies:

  • Movies are the expensive source of entertainment as it involves the huge amount to produce one movie.
  • It is a time consuming practice and sometimes it holds us back from doing the urgent work.
  • Movie drags the interest of an individual and it has the capability of hypnotism.
  • Sometimes people get the wrong ideas from movies to pursue the criminal activities in life. 
  • Regular practice of this source can effect the human physique badly, especially on eyes and brain.
  • In today’s time the content selection for television or movies is based on business and profit margins. And some content is not good for under age viewers.
  • The emotional dramas in the movies and action sequences performed in the film compel it’s viewers to follow the same in their real lives.

Movies have always been the greatest source of entertainment and business for humans. And it is very much beneficial of us in many ways. But excessive and wrongful access of movies can harm the humanity and it can make the strong impact on the viewers. The overall scenario is changing rapidly in the world of movies. It has great scope in future as new technology is about to hit the global market once again. And movies will surely win the place among all the sources with the blend of latest technologies.