Chiropractic Child

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Chiropractic Child

I was a chiropractic child. Let me explain. My parents introduced me to chiropractic when I was just 2 years old. Not that I remember any of the first few years of seeing a chiropractor. I was very young. I was first taken to see a chiropractor as my parents had noticed that when I was walking I wasn’t standing quite right and they were concerned.

My parents had always seen a chiropractor for their health and was fully aware of the great benefits of chiropractic care gave and the in-depth knowledge that chiropractors have regarding the body. Most parents would have taken their child to see a doctor, but my parents took me straight to their chiropractor. I am to this day grateful that my parents were aware of chiropractic as I am in great health due to them.

On my first visit the chiropractor performed their examinationand investigations to see what the route cause was to me not being able to stand up straight. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the first visits as I was so young. My mum told me that the chiropractordiagnosed my problems to be musculoskeletal which they assured my parents they could help with. From receiving treatment early on in my life I was given the best chance to help my body correct itself and to also prevent further problems arising from this problem. I know I would have had more health problems growing up if I had not received chiropractic care.

I remember my care from about age five to six. I would be picked up from school by my parents and taken to the chiropractic clinic. I always looked forward to seeing my chiropractor as she would always make me feel comfortable and would make me laugh. Sometimes the adjustments made me feel a little bit sore afterwards, but this soon went away. It never stopped me playing outside and didn’t really bother me as knew I was getting better. My parents used to take me quite frequently when I was young to keep on top of my health. Would help to restore my normal movement and stimulated higher function of my nervous system. This is amazing, I’m sure you’ll all agree.

I grew up a very happy, healthy and content child. Because ofmy parents taking me to chiropractic care. Did you know this helps your immune system? This was a great side effect of the care as I didn’t suffer with many coughs or colds. I feel very lucky that my parents wanted the best for my health and made sure I had the best start in life with looking after my health.

As I grew up being a chiropractic child I learnt from an early age the Importance of looking after my health. I remember my chiropractor would always explain not only to my parents but to me also about how chiropractic care was helping with to restoring the function of my body.

Our bodies are incredible, and chiropractic works with the body to help heal itself. Chiropractic focusses on maintaining, restoring, muscles, joints and your nerves through the very specialised chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractors train for many years in the musculoskeletal and are specialists. I love my chiropractic care and is part of my life.

I shout about chiropractic care to everyone I meet so wanted to share with you all also. I’ve done a lot of research and have some great material for you to read here.

I have also kept this link here which I found on looking online. Looks to be a very professional clinic.  Another great site is this one to find a great chiropractor who is in your area.