Choose Best Career Course after 12th arts

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Choose Best Career Course after 12th arts

Courses after 12th arts

In today's post, I am going to talk about some professional courses. Which you can do after 12th Arts Pass. Like science and commerce, we can make our career-best even after the arts. So after the arts, I am going to give you information about profitable courses in this post.


The full form of B.A is Bachelor of Arts, it is one of the professional courses, which still do many arts stream students. This course is of 3 years. The advantage of choosing this course is that it is easy to program undergraduate! You see, in many government jobs, applicants are required to have Graduation. So, if you want to prepare for a government job, then you can pursue this course. This course is easy to do and one's efforts can be focused on preparing for government job entrance exam.

This course can be done in very little amount. If you want to do a BA course from Government College, then for this you will have to spend very little amount. Some state government colleges have fees of around 5-10K INR per year. This figure may vary from one state to another. Private colleges can have fees up to 15-40K INR per year on average.

Courses after 12th biology science


The full form of BFA is a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Like BA, this professional course is also 3 years long. BFA is art studies. For example, certain areas of specialization within this course such as painting, sculpting, music, dance, photography, etc. According to me, this course suits students who are on the creative side of things!

If you want to do this course from a private college, then you can do this course for 10-40K INR per year. Tuition fees may different from one college to another. It depends on factors like - type of college, it's the rating, candidate's scholarship status, candidate's caste/category etc.

Government arts colleges are known to charge relatively low tuition fees. Some state government institutes charge around 2-5K INR per year for this course.


The full form of BBA is a Bachelor of Business Administration. It is a 3 year-long course. If you want to get into the world of management, then this course can be of help! After BBA, M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) can also be done. B.B.A. The graduates are usually hired by corporate houses and Business to take care of managerial posts, finance-related posts etc.


The Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is the most popular journalism course in India.It is a job-oriented and in-demand course. The media sector is undergoing immense development! Not only traditional forms of media like print and TV, but online media has also developed a lot. All this has increased the number of job openings in the media sector! Therefore, the number of jobs in mass communication has increased.

If you want to do this course from a private college, then you can get around 30-80K INR fees per year. On the other hand, government colleges charge lower tuition fees. They usually charge around 5-15K INR per year. While in college, students will also face other types of expenses, such as - housing fee, canteen fee, security deposit, library fee, examination fee etc.


Event management is an area where anyone can make really big if one has the necessary skills and connections! The degree course in Event Management lasts for 3 years. I have included details like many types of courses, career prospects, course value, nature of work, etc.

The fees for a BBA in an event management course is up to INR 70-150K a year. The Bachelor of Event Management course will cost you around 50-100K INR per year. If you do a Diploma in Event Management course, then the fees for this course can be up to INR 25-70K per year. In short, fees may different from one institution to another. It also depends on the course format.


So, friends, I tried to give the best information on course after 12th arts. You can make your best career After 12th arts. If you liked this information so please share with your friends.