Choose the right hair care product according to your hair

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Choose the right hair care product according to your hair

Hair is the most beautiful feature for us, and we should take care of hair to maintain hair health. We do hair care properly. But to maintaining their health we need to do extra care. The major thing that is needed to be done is to know the type of hair you are having. Based on the quality, you can choose the products best suited for your hair type. There are multiple criteria that can be taken into consideration while analyzing your hair type and then choose the right product for you.

Determine the Hair Density - To Figure out the density stand in front of mirror. Partition your hair in the middle. Focus, the root strands that cover your scalp. Based on the area of skin that is seen, the density can be categorized as:

  • Highly Dense -If no portion is seen around the partition that means the density is highly thick.
  • Moderately Dense - If some of the scalp area can be seen then your density is medium.
  • Lowly Dense -If the large part of scalp is clearly visible then you have thin density.

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Determine the Porosity of Hair Wash properly using the shampoo and conditioner you generally use. Rinse well and pat then dry partially using the towel. They can be :

  1. Highly Porous -If your hair is wet and sticky that means the porosity is up to a great extent as it retain a large amount of moisture.
  2. Moderately Porous -If hair is little bit wet but non sticky then it retain a medium level of moisture and is having medium porosity.
  3. Lowly Porous -If the hair is mostly dry that means it has not retained any moisture and is lowly porous.
  • Floating Test for Checking Porosity - another way to check the porosity is floating test.
  • In Low Porosity case the strand do not sinks.
  • If there is Medium Porosity the strand will sink after sometime.
  • If the strand rapidly gets placed at the bottom then your it has High Porosity.
  • The porosity may vary according to weather conditions. Hence you can repeat this test in different weather.

Determine Your Hair Texture - Do shampoo and dry naturally using towel. Then cut a thread of approximately the same length of your hair. Take out your hair strand of full length. Place the thread and your strand side by side on a clear surface from where both can be analyzed properly.

  1. If the strand is thinner than the thread, then the you have thin texture.
  2. If the thickness of both are nearby equal, the you have a medium texture.
  3. If the strand is thicker than the thread piece, then you is having thick.
  • Determine Oiliness of Your Hair Shampoo properly and pat dry. Leave them for the whole night.
  • Oily Hair - If oil patches come on the tissue, then you are having oily hair.
  • Dry Skin -In case the tissue remains as it is without any stickiness then your have dry hair.
  • Medium Hair If little oil trace comes on the tissue, then the hair type is medium hair.
  • Mixed Hair -On trying at different spots if oil comes from one point and no oiliness from other spots. Then the type you are having is combinational that is, it is the mixture of both oily and dry hair.
  • Highly Elastic -If the strand gets enlarged 50% of its original length, then the elasticity level is very high and hair strength is strong.
  • Moderately Elastic - If it stretches to a little extent before breaking, then the elastic level is medium.
  • Lowly Elastic -If the strand gets break immediately when elongated, the type is least strong having very low elasticity.

After understanding different qualities of your hair including density, texture, porosity and oiliness elasticity, it has to choose the hair care products that are best suited for proper growth.

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