Common Mistakes To Avoid During The Preparation Of Government Exams

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Common Mistakes To Avoid During The Preparation Of Government Exams

Nowadays, Millennials are gravitating towards government jobs because of job security, lucrative salary, and many additional benefits. However, the competition is ever-rising, making it difficult for students to snag a government job. 

Although these exams are not much difficult, you just have to be dedicated and keep a few things in mind. With the exams just around the corner, many of you must have already started the preparation. 

Along with focusing on the syllabus and what you must do during your preparation phase, there is also a list of mistakes you must avoid succeeding in these exams. 

Not everyone is familiar with these mistakes! If you are one of those, worry not, we have got you covered. Here are some common mistakes you must pay heed to if you want a government job. 

  • Not Paying Attention To Current Affairs 

The general knowledge section might seem unimportant to you, but it holds the most importance. This section can help you get the most marks in the least amount of time if you know the answers. 

To increase your grade, you must pay attention to the current affairs and general knowledge questions. Don't make the mistake of avoiding everyday news by believing you will do everything together. 

Make it a habit of reading the newspaper daily and thoroughly if you want to succeed in the exam. 

  • Not Solving Mock Paper 

Mock tests are of utmost importance and are useful in explaining the pattern of the current exams. Along with increasing your confidence, it also increases your speed of solving questions. 

Some of the direct questions are bound to appear and will save plenty of time. 

The mock test provides an overview of the student's strong and weak points and provides room for improvement of the same. 

  • Not Knowing Computers 

Knowledge of Computers makes it easy for a student to complete online examinations on time.  Students well-versed in the usage of computers find it comparatively easy to jump to sections without wasting any time. In contrast, a student unknown to these basics may find it hard to search for buttons and lose precious time in the process.

Therefore a student must practice online before the final examination so that the process appears familiar to the student.  

  • Not Understanding The Basic Component First

Students tend to rely on short tricks rather than understanding the basics and therefore make mistakes.

An examiner usually tests the knowledge and never asks direct questions, and because of the twisted representation student often falls to the trap and ends up marking the wrong option and may affect your online Sarkari result.

  • Not Following A Proper Plan For Studying And Revising 

A proper time table must be developed and practiced to complete the syllabus well in time, and ample time is left for the revision. 

Emphasis must be given on daily practice rather than finishing the subject in a day or two. This will increase the retention power and will make sure you ace your Online Sarkari Result.

  • Not Taking Speed Tests 

Speed matters the most in competitive exams, and it is the most important element of your preparation. Taking a mock test helps you analyze your speed, and sometimes you experience your weakness and strength, which allows you to improve and use them in the actual exam.

It is not enough to give the speed tests, but you have to analyze your performance and work on the points you are not good at. 

  • Ignoring The Topics, You Are Good At 

You might think you are perfect on a specific topic, and you don't need any revision. This is an obvious mistake made by many aspirants, which they later regret. 

Keep it a point not to ignore the topics you are good at. No matter how good it is, practice your strong points to make sure you are 100% sure about those. In competitive exams, even 1 point matters. 

So, practicing will let you solve the problem efficiently and in a given time. 


Those were some of the mistakes you must avoid if you are preparing for government jobs. Also, if you need the latest notifications and updates, you can follow Sarkari results, which has all the essential information you might need for your exams.