Common RR Email login problems faced by users

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Common RR Email login problems faced by users

Some of the users have also reported that they are not been able to send or receive emails even after logging in to their RR email account. Either the login page shows that “The login information that you entered is incorrect” or shows “Password is incorrect”. So, why this roadrunner email loginis showing these errors if the entered details are correct? We will describe the possible reasons in this blog and will also tell you how to troubleshoot this RR Loginproblem in your PC.

Possible reasons for RR Login issue:

  1. Password entered is incorrect: The very first reason which might be responsible for this issue is that you have entered an incorrect password. Always remember that passwords are case-sensitive and you have to take care of this while entering your RR Loginpassword. Make sure that you always turn-off the Caps Lock key of your PC while logging in to your RR account.
  2. Your RR email account has been locked:There is also a probability that your RR email account has been locked due to several unknown reasons. Interrupted data connections or wrong configuration of network settings can lead to generating this issue due to privacy concerns. So, make sure that the network settings of your PC are configured properly before logging in to your RR email account. Your RR account will get unlocked automatically once the issue is resolved from either your end or from the server end.
  3. Issues with either IMAP or POP servers:Another possible reason behind the roadrunner email loginissue might be improper IMAP or POP settings. While IMAP is designed to store messages on a mail server, POP is designed to save messages on the local computer. That’s why any issue in the settings of this protocol might create login issues.
  4. Your RR account is suspended:If you haven’t used your RR email account for a very long time, then it might be possible that your Email account is suspended permanently. In this case, you have to contact the Roadrunner customer support for the resolution of your problem.

Different ways of troubleshooting the roadrunner email login issue:

  1. Resetting your RR email password:If you are not sure that the password you have entered is right, then you can try to reset your RR email password by clicking on the “Reset password” icon. An email will be sent on your secondary Email address from where you can reset the password of your main RR email account.
  2. Altering the Email server settings:If you are unable to send or receive Emails from your RR email account, then you can try to change or reset the Email server settings to troubleshoot this issue. Sometimes, when there is huge data traffic on an email server, then it might stop working on your PC and configuring the email server settings can revive your account back to normal working conditions.
  3. Waiting for a while:As we already mentioned above, sometimes it is possible that your RR email account is locked due to several unknown reasons. So, just wait a while till the issue is resolved from the server end of TWC. When the services are restored, then you can easily access your RR email account hassle-free.
  4. Configuring SMTP server settings:SMTP is basically a Simple Mail Transfer protocol that is a standard protocol used for electronic mail transmission services. It might be possible that SMTP server settings are not configured properly that result in creating troubles for your RR email account. So, just reset the SMTP server settings and see if it works or not.
  5. Contacting the Customer care support of Roadrunner Email:Time Warner Company is among the most reputed and popular ISP companies in the USA. That’s why there is a separate Roadrunner Email customer support available for the customers where they can tell the issue which they are facing and can get assistance from the expertized engineers. So, if in case none of the above troubleshooting methods works for you, then try to contact customer care support for assistance. 


How to access when you forget your details of Roadrunner Email Account 

The “Password reset” option is the only available option that can help you to retrieve your Roadrunner Email account. We have already mentioned the steps in order to reset your RR email account password above. But before clicking on the Reset password option, make sure that your Secondary Email address is working fine because you will receive the link for resetting the password of your RR email address on that. Once you reset the password of your roadrunner email account, you can try to login again on the Roadrunner webmail interface to check whether your account is working or not.  

Roadrunner Email server settings

Under this title, we will mention about Roadrunner Email server settings. Here are all the steps that are involved in setting up of roadrunner email server settingson your PC:

  1. First of all, launch the email application and enter your Roadrunner Email address.
  2. Now, click on the “next” button after entering your roadrunner email address in the column present there.
  3. Once the next web page is launched, click on the “POP3” option available there.
  4. Fill your Roadrunner email account password followed by clicking on the “Next” icon.


To configure incoming server settings:

In order to configure the incoming server settings, just follow these steps mentioned:

  1. Enter your Roadrunner Email address and password.
  2. Set the server for incoming server settings to
  3. Set the Port number to 110.
  4. Set security type as none.
  5. After you are done with the above steps, now you are required to change the settings of the outgoing server.

To configure outgoing server settings:

  1. The server here, in this case, will be
  2. The port number is required to set at 587.
  3. Security is set to none just like the security settings of incoming server settings.
  4. Now enter your username ( and webmail password followed by clicking on the “Next” icon two times in a row.
  5. After that, it will ask to fill your name.
  6. So, just fill up your name in the provided column and once again, click on the “Next” icon to finish the setup.

These above steps will help you to configure Roadrunner email server settings. However, if in case these settings don’t work for you, then we recommend you to set the incoming server as and outgoing server Changing the server name might help you to troubleshoot the issue which is caused in the email server settings.

Spectrum Roadrunner Email Settings

Most of the Roadrunner email users are unaware of the fact that roadrunner email can be configured easily by using the IMAP/SMTP on the spectrum. These mail server settings are basically those settings that help you to link your roadrunner mail to other mail services in order to send or receive messages. The biggest advantage of configuring roadrunner email server settings by using IMAP/SMTP on the spectrum is that you are not supposed to use the Roadrunner Webmail login interface repeatedly or regularly for sending or receiving emails in the future. You can easily use other mail service providers such as Google’s Gmail, Apple or Microsoft Outlook, etc according to your choice. So, below is the complete set of instructions to configure spectrum roadrunner email settings:

Roadrunner Email IMAP settings:

  1. First of all, set your IMAP server to
  2. Set IMAP port number to 993.
  3. Now, set the IMAP security type to SSL/TLS and enter your full IMAP username.
  4. You can also fill your full email address in place of the IMAP username.
  5. After entering the username, enter your Roadrunner password to configure the IMAP settings.

Roadrunner Email SMTP settings:

  1. Set your server of the SMTP server to
  2. Set SMTP port number to 587.
  3. The security type for the SMTP server is supposed to be set as STARTTLS.
  4. Now enter your SMTP username or full email address followed by setting up your roadrunner password.

So, these were the required steps involved in setting up of spectrum roadrunner email settings.We really hope that it will work for you and you will get the solution to the problem which you are facing with your Roadrunner email account.