Construction components used for building purposes

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Construction components used for building purposes

The production of building materials is a mature, standardised industry that can guarantee a reliable supply of high-quality materials for construction and the various structures we build. The manufacture of building materials is subject to quality control procedures, which include inspections and tests in accordance with national standards and scientific test methods.

The construction industry has made great strides and new materials are constantly being developed and introduced. You can choose from a variety of materials, including man-made materials and natural materials. Building materials are the material basis of all construction projects.

On the basis of an appropriate design, different buildings and structures are built with different building materials. For the development of society, it is necessary to build a large number of high quality industrial and civil buildings, which in return requires a large number of high-quality building materials that correspond to the technical application environment as specified by architects and specifically civil and or structural engineers. Buying building supplies online and getting them delivered at your doorstep within a few days is one of the many benefits of the changing world we live in. The choices of building supplies are based on cost and efficiency besides stress and strain. You can also buy building supplies online at the most reasonable prices, as the online world brings more choices top all.


This is the most common building material which has been used in construction and across the industry as a versatile and formidable building material. From structural support to foundations, wood has a rich and vibrant history in architecture and with architects. Wood is one of the most natural materials available to the industry, not to mention a cost-saving material. Although some think it's not a strong building material, it's both strong, versatile and durable. It is a building material that is flexible in all aspects - after bending and curing, the wood can be shaped into a material that is suitable for the structure and shape of the building. From commercial Industrial projects, through to housing construction and DIY projects, buying building supplies online is flexible option builders are more commonly using to fulfil their customer’s needs.

In addition to its long service life in the industry, it is also an extremely environmentally friendly material that is aesthetically attractive. It can be used in commercial buildings, residential construction or in combination with other materials. Whether steel, marble or aluminium, wood can be combined well with other materials, also aesthetically, it is also extremely functional. Framed with wood and equipped with access flaps - regardless of whether it is air conditioning, soundproofing or a valve box - wood can be easily carried and improved regardless of need or use.


Steel, from the skeleton of the building to the actual component material inside, has been one of the most commonly used material across all aspects of construction. Security access panels are also made of steel and are usually found in commercial and industrial premises. Steel has many advantages, one of which is that it can be bent or manipulated without sacrificing strength and durability. In areas exposed to strong winds or earthquakes, steel structures can withstand vibrations due to their durability and plasticity.

A disadvantage of steel as a building material or practically any material is that it easily decomposes under extreme heat. It is not fire-resistant and, depending on the type of steel, it can lose strength and durability at a certain heating temperature and can break down or tear.


Concrete or, as known to builders, reinforced concrete is made with steel and is therefore very strong, from combining the two materials. More commonly used for the structure and foundation of buildings. After application, it takes several hours to settle and harden. When it comes to concrete, similar to many building materials (such as inspection panels, windows, and paints), there are many types of concrete and concrete products to choose from; starting with high-performance concrete to lightweight concrete and waterproofing solutions, the contractor or your builders merchant knows which type concrete is the ideal one and recommends it for use in the project. It is one of the most commonly used building materials available.


For those who have no architectural experience, one might think that glass is only used for windows. However, glass is another versatile and underrated building material. Obsidian is one of the most used glasses due to its beauty and strength. It is considered a luxury item in the construction industry because it requires skills and resources to make it.

In architecture, glass can be used as an agent for exterior walls from windows to walls, beams and floors, which requires excellent strength and durability. When it comes to the properties of this unique building material, some properties include transparency, strength and workability.


Stone is a common choice of materials as floors and walls, internal and external. The texture of the stone makes it versatile, from smooth surfaces to structured monoliths, and it can also be available in many different colours. Depending on the purpose and use of stone, this can be a very expensive choice of material, however its beauty speaks for itself.