Delicious Dishes For Christmas Dinner Menu

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Delicious Dishes For Christmas Dinner Menu

Christmas is one of the most popular festivals around the country and celebrating it with your family and friends has been a tradition ever since. However, when you have guests show up at your home, it becomes hard as to what you must serve them. To help you out, we have listed down some of the best Christmas dinner menu ideas to have the best meal with your guests, family, and friends, plus, with these amazing Christmas dinner dishes, you can make an everlasting impression on your guests of how wonderful of a host you are.

Amazing Dishes, Desserts & Drinks Ideas for Christmas Dinner Menu

Vegetarian Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas

Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potatoes have so many flavors in them and you can experiment a lot with their taste as well. Add all the kinds of amazing toppings of veggies and spices to a mash of sweet potatoes, and bake it all. You are ready with a simple, less time consuming, yet very delicious casserole for Christmas dinner menu. This is one of the best Christmas dinner dishes.

Vegetable Lasagna

Vegetable lasagna is an amazing idea for the Christmas dinner menu. You can experiment with veggies, spices, sauces, and cheese. Add a layer of boiled marinated pasta if needed. If you have guests, who eat non-veg, then you can replace pasta with chicken as well. Plus, as much cheese you want and of as many types as you can.

Roasted Tomato Tart with Garlic and Cheese Toppings

Another amazing idea for Christmas dinner dishes is to make a roasted tomato tart. You can use puffy pastry dough for the tart and add roasted tomatoes, garlic, and cheese with seasoning on top. Bake it together and slice it when serving your guests for Christmas dinner.

Non-vegetarian Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas

Tangy Cranberry Meatballs

Cranberry sauce loathing over delicious meatballs is one of the best Christmas dinner menu ideas. Almost everyone enjoys meatballs during dinner, and if you top them up with sour and tangy cranberry sauce, then it just gets better.

Deviled Eggs

Eggs are also a wonderful option if you are looking for Christmas dinner menu ideas. They are very easy to make and are loved by almost all. This dish requires you to simply boil eggs and spate the boiled yolk in a bowl. You can spice up the yolk with lime juice, spices, and even small cut veggies. Mix it all and add it back in the center of the eggs. Your dish is ready to be served.

Chicken Drum Sticks with Vegetable Dressing

Chicken drum sticks taste so good with almost anything on the side. Plus, they are very fulfilling and can be served gracefully at dinner. You can prepare a nice salad dressing with a lot of vegetables on the side. Add seasoning and lime juice and the Christmas dinner dish is complete. You can also order chicken drum sticks from Swiggy if you are running late. Make sure you use the Swiggy discount coupons to save on your order.

Roasted Chicken with Spinach Salad

Roasted chicken is another replacement for chicken drum sticks as well. Marinate the chicken nicely and roast it till it turns golden brown. Add spinach, cheese, and garlic to make a wonderful dressing on the side. Your guests will love the taste of it. Add cranberry or garlic sauce if you have time.

Drinks in Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas

Orange Cranberry Mimosa

This is an amazing drink and goes with almost everything you serve for dinner. Instead of serving regular soft drinks, or alcohol, you can go with this one and make dinner more appealing as well. The taste is quite tangy and compliments your dinner dish very well.

Ginger Cider

Ginger juice is excellent for the winter season. You can serve this cider warm and save them from a chilly night. This drink can be served along with dinner or as a welcome drink as well.

Desserts in Christmas dinner menu ideas

White Chocolate Cake

Christmas is incomplete without a cake and so you can put up a white chocolate Christmas cake instead of a whole other dessert. This will save time and you can also order a white chocolate cake from Swiggy. They have so many bakeries listed on their portal that you can surely find something which is delicious and looks good as well.

Cranberry Pie

Cranberry pie is a great option for dessert. It has a mix of sour and sweet taste and is delicious. You can make the base with pastry dough and add slices of cranberry topped with lots of cranberry sauce, and finish it with toppings of your favorite fruits, sprinkled sugar, and caramel or honey.

These are some of the best Christmas dinner dishes. You can prepare them with ease and in the least of time as well for your Christmas dinner menu. Above all, celebrate the festival with lots of love and have a wonderful time meeting and greeting your loved ones.

Merry Christmas!