Designs That Leave You Spell-Bound

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Designs That Leave You Spell-Bound

Designing a piece of furniture takes a lot of thought and pondering before it can take a solid shape. For a designer, it is a very demanding task indeed. One has to keep in mind every aspect of the manufacture, assembly, the usage of the piece as well as the purpose behind the furniture. It has to be beautiful and useful at the same time. There is also the need for it to be compact, taking up just the right amount of space. One has to be mindful of each factor while creating g such furniture but even then there will be the budget to account in. The prices shouldn’t exceed the affordability levels of the average customer or all the work would go wasted.

At Chanakya furniture, we have one more factor to supply to those mentioned above. We alone have 44 long years of experience working across India in the furniture industry. It is no small thing when you consider all the insights one gain over that span of time. We put every bit of information
we gained into developing furniture that is of better in every way than those existing. Always have we strive to bring you a piece that is unique in design, better in price and the best in quality.

Every designer in Chanakya has a clear picture of where the piece they design is going to end up. They picture the kids sitting down in a classroom while designing school furniture. They can imagine the restless toddlers while creating furniture for the kindergartens. That is how we have come up with furniture that can be fun too.

Every series in our school furniture collection can boast of a unique feature. Focusing mainly on the color and its visual impact, Chanakya has brought into the markets some very special pieces for the little ones to play and learn with. Gone are the times when furniture were mere bleak parts of the background. Our new furniture collections are meant to be in the center stage, lighting up a classroom and energizing the kids to have fun while learning.

The Sunflower series, for example, is based on a theme of flowers as the name suggests. The collection includes tables in bright primary colors in the shape of flower petals, squares are circles, with chairs that can be artistically arranged around them. The Fairy-Land series, on the other hand, is a collection of desks in various geometric patterns ranging from the simple rectangle and square to hexagons and trapeziums. The whole idea is to provide the kids and the teacher's space which stimulates curiosity and memory.

Chanakya has so far been very successful with their innovative designs for the modern classrooms. That’s is how we came up with the Art room and Doll House series which are exclusively for bringing out the artists in every kid. Who wouldn’t love to play a prince or princess living in a castle for once? With the right kind of furniture in place, play acting, drawing, painting and similar activities can be made a lot more fun for kids. It can help them learn better and polish their inborn talents.

We, at Chanakya, put in all our efforts to deliver the best to every single customer. We maintain quality and reliability as our unbroken vows even as we stray from the beaten paths. Moving with the times, we understand the emphasis furniture has in creating the right environment. It is this very knowledge that has helped us till now to serve our customers better, day after day.