Develop iPhone Apps with Zero Experience: iOS App Development 2020

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Develop iPhone Apps with Zero Experience: iOS App Development 2020

IOS app development company in Indiais presently booming in the market.

Since apps are becoming one of the dominant tools in marketing your businesses, you might be curious to make one by yourself.

But, are you feeling apprehensive because you don’t know anything about making an app?

Well, don’t be daunting anymore. Here’s the guide toiOS App Development 2020. Have a look and learn how to develop an app.

But, before starting the development process, let’s take a look at the prerequisites for an IOS app development.

  • Master Xcode:Xcode is the application which is used to develop apps on platforms like IPhone, IPad, Apple TV, etc. The app includes a code editor, compiler, debugger, project organizer which are needed to build an app.
  • User Interface:UIs or user interface is needed to make an app user-friendly. A little knowledge about user interface can make the app highly optimized for users. It includes navigation, buttons, views, images, etc.
  • App architecture:Architecture is a must when building an app. Without a clear and concise code, you really can’t build a great app. The architecture of your app is the basis on which your app stands on.

Now let’s dive into the process of making an app.

  1. Have A Clear Objective

Without having a clear objective in your head, you can’t start the process of making an app.

Any professionalmobile app development companywill have a defined objective before starting a project.

So, figure out your objectives first. It should have a user goal in which you may try to solve an issue user have been facing and you should have a business goal in which you want to make revenue out of your app.

The latter may not be compulsory if you’re just starting to make an app out of curiosity but the former one is must before you start your journey as an app developer.

  1. Sketch the Features and Functionality

Pen down all the features and functionality you want to provide with your app.

This will help you cut down the app-building time required without having a sketch.

Having a sketch will give you an idea of how to start and the skills you require.

In this feature section, you may include push notifications, social sharing, chat, YouTube integration, contact us button, etc.

  1. Create A Layout of Your App

Starting the journey as an app developer is all about trial and error.

So, creating a mockup of the app will help you cut down the fluffy features that can make the app slow. Create a detailed mockup which also shows the features of each button and navigation flow.

Also, you can create a document which explains how the app functions.

  1. Make the App

The next major step now is to make the app. It includes 3 steps formula; graphic design, landing page building, and making the app with Swift and Xcode.

The best iPhone app development company only focuses on building apps with simplified designs. So, you can take ideas from these apps.

Creating a landing page will help you to reach your targeted customers rapidly.

How will people find your app when there are millions of apps already in the app store?

Lastly, make the app using swift and Xcode.


Any iPhone app development companyfocus on building user-friendly mobile apps for their customers.

With the number of people drawing more to mobile apps, this will become the next big tool for marketing.

So, starting your journey as an app developer may feel complex one at the start but will eventually benefit you in several ways.