Expert Tips to Reduce Risk of Miscarriages in IVF Pregnancy

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Expert Tips to Reduce Risk of Miscarriages in IVF Pregnancy

Infertility causes many issues in a couple’s life. It can cause psychological problems and can also wreck the relationship when not handled properly. The detection of the underlying problem can be managed using various advancements in the medical world. One of the best known solutions in this aspect is in-vitro fertilization. There are various factors that lead to the success or failure of this procedure.

IVF is associated with various physiological risks. The risks can be mitigated when a patient gets proper education from the specialist in an IVF clinic. It has been found that due to physiological and external reasons more than 20% of the IVF pregnancies suffer miscarriages. The risks increase with age. Extreme care is mandatory along with other cautions in these cases.

Tips to reduce risk of miscarriage

  • Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) level

A hormonal profiling is necessary. The THS level should be the highest priority. The abnormal TSH level is linked with miscarriages. The use of proper medication can lead to a risk-free pregnancy term.

  • Hysteroscopy

An IVF treatment in Mumbaimight require the results of a hysteroscopy. The reproductive physiology of a patient should be thoroughly checked using special medical procedures so as to identify an anomaly. Blockages, abnormal growth, and damages in the uterine region are common these days.

  • Progesterone

Seek consultation from an experienced IVF specialistso that you can avail a standard treatment based on real-time results. A proper medication related to progesterone requirements will be necessary. Choosing the right formulations is a must.

  • Reducing weight

An assisted pregnancy will need a mother to regain her normal BMI. Smoking should be avoided at any cost. Losing weight will give you a healthier lifestyle. Refrain from taking non-prescription drugs. If any medication is needed, please consult a doctor to avoid complications.

  • Maintaining the medication regime

During the IVF treatment, the prescribed medications should be taken very seriously as directed by the doctors. Missing a dose might complicate the situation.

  • Age factor

If your age is 40 or above, the doctors suggest going for donated ovum for better quality and a healthy baby.

Choosing the right IVF clinic

The risks involved can only be mitigated by seeking professional supervision of a reputed fertility clinic. The success rate will be escalated by the experts. Proper education of the procedure and care will lead to a successful pregnancy term. In fact, a reputed and certified clinic will also take care of the IVF procedure cost in Indiato a considerable extent.

Support from an IVF clinic

A certified clinic offering IVF treatment will also offer the required support and education to a patient. Once the IVF treatment has been done successfully, a mother will need the highest attention and care from the doctors and family. This is how we reduce the risk of miscarriages in IVF pregnancy.