Explore the best of Ranthambore in one go...

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Explore the best of Ranthambore in one go...

Primarily famed to experience the exhilarating Jungle safari in India, Ranthambore features several other attractions to smitten over. It is not just abundant with elusive flora and fauna, but also show the ingenious imprints of Rajasthan Heritage in its majestic fort and the contrasting flairs of the desert sate in its lakes. Want to explore the best of Ranthambore? Here are the top attractions that let you have the time of your life while embarking this enthralling journey with Ranthambore Tour Packages.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Listed amongst the best national parks of the country, Ranthambore Tiger reserve is the popular destination to sight the wild. From its exotic biodiversity to its ruins of the royal fortress, Ranthambore tiger reserve is no less than a paradise for all wildlife lovers and history buffs. With wildlife Tour of Ranthambore, enjoy sighting wild elusive striped cats- Tiger which is found in abundance here along with several other wild animals.

Ranthambore Fort

Under the “Hill Forts of Rajasthan”, UNESCO has designated Ranthambore Fort as a World Heritage Site. Thanks to the rulers of Chauhan Dynasty who have constructed this sturdy fort amidst the wildlife reserve. Nestled on the hill, the fort is quintessential of Ranthambore Trip. The interesting thing to note about the fort is that it was primarily a hunting ground for rulers but later was converted into a wildlife reserve inhabiting the exalted wildlife. Bird lovers can enjoy bird watching too from the very top of the fort.   


A haven for birds and fishes, Surwal lake is one of the revered places to visit in Ranthambore Park. The place is no less than a paradise for lovers of avian species. The summer season witness the water level go very low and the lake becomes too shallow, hence the best time to visit the Surwal lake is wither in winter or monsoon. Amidst the wild musing and the exhilarating sights of woods and its inhabitants, Surwal is ideal for a nonchalant escapade.

Trinetra Ganesh Temple

Located within the complex of the fortress, this is one of the prominent attraction of Ranthambore Tour packages. The temple is counted amongst the oldest temples of the Indian State of Rajasthan. Apart from its historic construction, Trinetra Ganesha Temple is popular for presiding over the entire family of the Hindu deity Ganesha. The religious significance of the temple is associated with a popular legend and thereby you can see the temple thronged by devotees for most of the time of the day.

Padam Lake

Amidst the wild territory of Ranthambore, Padam lake stands as the largest lake of the reserve. The awe-inspiring beauty of the lake is elevated during the season of water lilies. The wildlife reserve relies majorly on the lake to satiate its water requirements. Apart from offering the azure waters to animals, the lake offers picturesque vistas to please every eye as well. Ideally, the best time to visit the lake is early morning when the animals are out and gathered around the lake to drink water.


This is one of the most popular sights to spectacle over the charms of wilderness. Bounded by low rugged hills, the panthers and bears are the common inhabitants of this valley. If your quest to explore more of wild is not sufficed with Jungle Safari in Ranthambore, you can enjoy beholding the feral species here as well.

Jogi Mahal

It is located on either side of Padam Lake. The palace is now serving the beautiful and well-equipped guest house fro travelers visiting Ranthambore. But as for now, the accommodation is restricted. The excursion to Jogi Mahal is to sight the ambiance of the palace and to witness one of the largest banyan trees of the country which is located nearby.