Fall In Love With Photo Cake For Kids

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Fall In Love With Photo Cake For Kids

The cake is a type of dessert that is one of the favorites for children all over the world. Children love different types of cakes with various flavors, frostings, and designs. Some of the top cake flavors liked by kids include chocolate chip, vanilla, red velvet, chocolate, marble, lemon, pineapple, coconut, and orange are some of the top choices.  Different types of frostings and toppings include chocolate, sprinkles, fondant flowers, shredded coconuts, fresh fruits, and even jelly beans. When it comes to style and design of the cake nowadays photo cakes are becoming increasingly popular with kids all over the world. The following are details of different types of photo cakes that are trendy with kids:

Photo Cakes

Photo cakes are a relatively new concept in birthday cakes and cakes planned for special occasions. These cakes are made using special printers and edible ink and different types of photos and pictures can be superimposed on the photo cakes for a special design and effect. These types of photo cakes are an easy way to make a cake special and the following are some of the different prints popular for photo cakes popular with kids.

Do’s an Don’t about Photo Cakes

When photos are imprinted on the surface of a birthday cake it is a good idea to let the photo shine. Adding plenty of toppings on the photo and then completely hiding the picture beneath the toppings is a bad idea. It is always a good choice to pick a happy picture and also make sure that the picture is not controversial as it will be featured in a party with kids.  The brighter the picture the more it pops and becomes more attractive and looks more decorative at a party. While choosing the photo cake for a birthday party for a kid, it is a good idea to consult the kid about the photo before actually choosing the picture.

Cartoon Inspired Photo Cakes

Cartoon prints are the most commonly used print in photo cakes enjoyed by kids. Some of the common cartoon pictures printed on the cakes include Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bambi, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lion King, and pictures of famous Disney princesses. Cartoon inspired photo cakes are a hit among children and these are extremely colorful and festive cakes usually chosen for occasions like birthdays.

Cakes with Actual Photos

A popular version of a photo cake is the photo cake that depicts the child who is celebrating a special occasion or a birthday. The photo can include the child with a group of friends, a photo of the family, an exciting photo of an enjoyable vacation or even a photo of children in fancy dress costumes.  These cakes are customized and are appropriate for special occasions and are popular with kids. When actual photos are going to be selected, a smart choice is to choose a picture after looking at several pictures and picking the best from the lot.

Superhero & Movie Photo Cakes

Kids love different types of superheroes especially those whose Hollywood movies have done well recently in the global market. Action superhero pictures for birthday cakes are colorful and popular especially among young boys. This includes pictures of superheroes like Captain America, Superman, Spiderman, batman, and hulk to name a few. Movie photo cakes that are popular with children feature top children’s movies of recent years. This includes photo cakes with pictures of films like Frozen, Toy Story, Disney’s animated movies, superhero movies and all types of movies popular with kids.

Photo cakes are a great choice and it is easy to fall in love with such cakes. These cakes are the top choice for kids these days as it is a trendy and modern option in comparison to other types of cakes.