Features You Can Expect From Domestic Water Tanks

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Features You Can Expect From Domestic Water Tanks

The need for water has long existed alongside man. For as long as water is needed, water tanks play an important role. Domestic water tanks stores all the water necessary to run a household. It can also be used for farming and the creation of chemicals/solutions. Water tank systems are primarily needed to avoid harmful contamination. Remember, water is highly subjected to bacteria, viruses, algae, changes in pH and mineral content.

Business and water

Businesses that are engaged in the hotel industry and perhaps even the pharmaceutical industry need advanced water systems to provide water to customers with quality service. In cities where hotels and property development are the trends, water quality is just as important as property management and renovation. To differentiate Domestic water tanks from concreterainwater tanks and other types, the owner can easily decide what to put in them. Simple as it may sound, property owners may form strategies out of water systems and the type of water used especially for hotels and restaurants. Hotels may choose to store soft water while the public majority mostly uses hard water.


Domestic water tanks would be best used for flexibility in different areas of any property. Aside from domestic water, the tanks may contain just about anything even explosives. In addition, this storage item can easily be customized to be turned into wine cellars or toilet blocks. These tanks boast of robust features without any drawback when it comes to flexibility.

Plumbers can easily work on them to secure the water system while installation workers can adapt the larger tanks in smaller backyards by burying them. Once buried, it may be possible that the need for inspection lids arise. Companies installing them usually offer risers beforehand.


Domestic water tanks are made with concrete and steel so it is not prone to leaking. Basically, steel is used to create the sturdy effect but the tanks are evenly coated with concrete to ensure that steel is exposed to rusting. The combination of these two materials makes the product strong, durable, and long-lasting.

Manufacturers also make certain that no gaps exist between the concrete coating and the steel. Users can be confident that they have a 100% watertight container. The tanks are so sturdy, they may be considered as bunkers, depending on how they are used. Despite the inter-connectivity features of these tanks, leaking and other vulnerabilities remain manageable as the appropriate plumbing is done. 

Australian Tanks handles all contracts with the same care, courtesy and commitment to successful outcomes whether the job is right next door or on the other side of the country. This approach has allowed us to effectively distribute our products widely throughout Australia.

We search for the most cost effective transport solutions and approach delivery with an attitude of “no area too hard or timing too tight for us to work towards”. Our business model is focussed on providing clever, innovative, easy and safe to install solutions.

Australian Tanks is dedicated to producing quality, engineered solutions, working with plumbing, civil and construction contractors to provide custom designed solutions. We work closely with Civil, Hydraulic and Consulting Engineers to find the best solutions to their challenges and are regularly specified in engineering designs and plans. Many of our solutions are signed off by engineers as being more efficient and cost effective alternatives to more traditional specified products. 

​Whether you are harvesting rain water or collecting it for part of a reuse system in a commercial or industrial setting, the Australian Tanks range of anti-floatation and trafficable tanks offer ease and simplicity for underground solutions.

If space is a challenge or you regard tanks as unsightly or obtrusive, then there is no easier way than to bury tanks out of sight.
All Australian Tanks are built to strict Australian Design Standards and are cost effective; supplied with committed customer focus and fully backed solutions.

Australian Tanks can supply tanks from as small as 2300 litres up to many hundreds of thousand litre solutions; with or without filtration and pumping requirements.