Future of Web Development in the Year 2020

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Future of Web Development in the Year 2020

Trends in the field of web development are transformed from time to time. In about a decade, the web development industries have changed from the inside out. Whether it is an automated chat box, single-page websites, or video backgrounds, 2020 offers a new set of updates. What sounds more convincing, a website built in a month or a website built in a year with some excellent features? I know your answer. In this article, we will take you through some of the most effective web development trends that will be published in 2020. These features will not only help you create an effective website but will also give you a general description of where your work needs an update.

Single Page Websites

Single page or one-page websites are one of the most useful features in the near future. Imagine, without browsing through the pages, without complications, just one page and a navigation tool that will take you through several parts of that page. Single page websites help you save time, less travel and no page navigation. Short, crunchy, and sweet.

Mobile First Indexing

Mobile first indexing is a powerful feature that focuses on the millennial generation. Mobile users are rapidly increasing around the world, which reduces the number of desktop Internet users. So, before you start building your website, remember that your website is suitable for mobile devices. But, what is the first mobile indexing? It's simple. The mobile version of your website becomes the starting point of the Google index. If you see an increase in traffic from Google's crawler robots, the traffic is likely to be from the mobile platform.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is an open source feature supported by Google. The main aspect of the AMP is to accelerate the process of how quickly a set of data can be displayed to the user. How long can you wait for a link to open after clicking on it? Few seconds AMP helps the content of your website load faster and uses data eight less than traditional.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

The progressive web applications introduced in 2015 are now one of the main features that you should have in your web development kit. It gives your customer a similar experience on phones and desktops. You should have noticed that your computer's browser displays a page similar to an application, and progressive web applications do the same for the user. It allows the user to have the same experience on their phones.

Push Notifications

This feature can make your website do wonders or mistakes. Yes, I mean it when I say this. You can get many more customers if you use it intelligently, while, on the other hand, automatic notifications can also cause you to lose those customers at the same rate. To make things happen through push notifications, you must understand the customer's behavior. Push notification can make your website more attractive and unique. Creates a need to explore user behavior and improves the customer's development process.

Chat Boxes and Customer Support

A research report says that more than 85 % of customer communications will be made through a machine at the end of the company of the year 2021. Chatbox is the triumph of the robots that take charge of humans. It helps you retain the customer for a long time and resolve your queries instantly.

Web of Things

Have you heard about the Internet of things? If so, then this may interest you for sure. "Web of Things" is the next version that uses and adapts different web protocols to connect anything in the physical world. "Web of Things" helps these protocols to give them a presence on the World Wide Web. Working in the field of web development requires dedication to stay updated with the new trends. It's time to make a change to your website before it's too late. Do you need help regarding the next trends in the field of web development? Connect with the best web development company in Jaipur, and our experts will help you with the best viable solution.