Get a luxuriant apartment with an easy to maintain garden with these steps

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Get a luxuriant apartment with an easy to maintain garden with these steps

It doesn’t matter if you are in a currently residing in a small city or a big city, I’m sure we all dream to have a space of our own one day. And yes, no matter how far we are from achieving that dream, could be a few months or a few years, we should always hold a positive approach and a positive thought process to actually attain the same. Continuously strive towards it and make it happen. If you are looking at properties currently, and you want an apartment that offers you an open, well-ventilated space that offers a view to some kind of verdure then you might have to be ready to shun out more from your pocket.

Well, there are a few ways to make the apartment you have or are planning to buy, as more luxuriant with a garden.

Yes, luxury garden apartments are all the rage in the real estate market right now, considering the depleting greener landscapes in the surroundings, be it a smaller or a larger city.

To help you have your own luxury garden apartment, here are a few steps to add a garden to your apartment and make it luxuriant like never before.

It’s an apartment, let’s start small.

Keeping true to the essence of the space available for setting up a garden, it is important we keep a fair number of plants that do not look extremely cluttered and can sprawl well in the space available. Once you have adjusted a few plants in the vicinity, it would be better if you

Pick plants that are easy to tend to

Yes, extremely important is to pick only those herbs, veggies, flowers or succulents that can thrive in an atmosphere that an apartment provides them. You should consult an expert who can suggest you the best plants along with practical tips on their care. You can pick from plants like coriander, cherry tomatoes, peppers, chilies, cilantro, rose merry et al.

Optimal Space

When planning a garden in an apartment, you need a corner that gets ample sunlight and air. Also, with the limited space available in an apartment, you need to utilize every nook and corner that is filled with sunlight and gets air. You can make use of the window sills, and even bookshelves to have an extended apartment garden.

Precise Ingredients

Since the plants get limited space and a slightly altered environment for growth than they would have gotten outdoors, you need to make sure whatever they are going to consume is optimal, of good quality and is provided on time. Make use of fertilizers that might be needed for a garden that says indoors since it is in an apartment. You should also pick out soil that is good quality and add some worms to it for an easier breakdown of organics in the soil.

By adding a garden to your apartment you are not just doing a favor to yourself but to the environment in general. In addition to this, to be environmentally conscious, you can also check your carbon footprint and work on controlling the same.