Get Rid Of The Pain Of Using Complicated Tools

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Get Rid Of The Pain Of Using Complicated Tools

A machine witheither an electromagnetic or a permanent magnetic base is known as a fitting tool. Welders fitting toolscome with a wide range of suitable bits that easily taps countersink, reams, and holes. The machine easily uses twist drill bits, miller cutters, annular cutters, and rotary cutters. These machines help reduce the torque forces otherwise created wider and bigger bits in a drilling machine, praise the magnetic base.

With great precision and accuracy, the machine works way faster than other hole making hand drilling machines. It is so because of the well-designed parts. The bits are made up of high-speed steel or are tungsten carbide tipped, providing up to a precision cutting of 0. 01mm.Take a look:

Parts Of A Fitting Tool

  • The Stand –Made of cast iron; the body of the machine is the most important part. It holds the base and the motor together. There are a number of switches that operate the machine that is placed on the body making it handier to use. The switches for motor and magnet along with the direction switch and the upward downward movement feed handle are all placed on the body. It is the stand that allows you to make the machine from one place to another, making it handy and portable.
  • The Base – The base is an important part of the compilation of these portable drill machines. It provides stability and steadiness to the machine. Working with the machine overhead in either a horizontal or a vertical position becomes easy. It is because of the magnetic base that the machine can lock itself on the metal worksheet surface. It helps in clamping the machine to the workspace providing unmistaken drilling and cuttings. It can cut rigid metals, but it can also cut other elements (not magnetically attracted) when properly clipped.
  • The Arbor or chucks – The arbor is attached to the motor. It helps in the attachment of bits to the drill. There are usually two types available, one that is manual and needs tightening of bits by hand while the other is magnetic and holds the bit with the jaws without any screwing of tightening. The industrial arbor or the magnetic chuck is easy to use as it saves a lot of work time and has different types of spindle holder, making it easy and adaptable for a variety of core drill shafts.

Types Of Fitting Tools

  • Automatic and semi-automatic –These feeds in the machine help save a lot of energy and time resulting in optimization in the production.
  • Lightweight – It makes the machine easily portable .it also makes working on higher platforms like towers and poles easy, if need be.
  • Pneumatic – These have permanent magnet bases instead of an electromagnet. It runs on compressed air and is used in places where there is a risk of fire due to sparking or explosion.
  • Battery operated – It is one of the most sorted versions as it helps you operate in places without electricity.
  • Horizontal drills These variants have been made to ease the task of drilling at angular drilling positions that are otherwise difficult using a hand drill.
  • Annular cutters –These are cutting bits with long-short teeth instead of a pointer, which smoothly cuts a wall up to 5mm and does not need reaming afterward.


The pipe welding fabrication toolshelp to pin locate the area where the hole is to be made. Its retraction feature allows the lubricant to reach the cutting teeth. It gives a precise and finished hole without destroying much around the focus location. It saves a lot of time and energy, making life easier.