Get The Most Durable and Reliable Disintegrator Machines From Us!

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Get The Most Durable and Reliable Disintegrator Machines From Us!

Welcome to! We are one of the most renowned names in the industry since long. Here we have come up to showcase our range of disintegrator machinesand size reduction equipment specially designed to offer you a more optimized process.

No matter if you are in search of a small scale disintegrator machine or a large one, we have everything in the store. Here have a look at the different types of disintegrators we have to meet all kind of industry needs.

Our Range of Disintegrator Machines

Angle Disintegrators

Typically mounted on an angle of 30 degrees our has different models of disintegrators with hinged covers. Coming with the swing clamps this type of design can give you easy access. Having larger inlets, our Angle disintegrators are used in various industrial applications.

Our range of versatile gravity fed mills is utterly famous in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry due to its sturdy build quality accompanied by fantastic flexibility. You can use this disintegrator to grind apples, tomatoes, potato starch, carrots, and horseradishes and meat slurries.

Key Features of our range of Angle Disintegrators

  • Built-in Pump System

  • Engineered to be Explosion Proof

  • Gear Driven Technology

  • Dust Controllers

  • With Screw Feeder

Starting from a 5HP machine to a 75HP, our list consists of seven different models to meet various industry needs.

Screw Fed Disintegrators

Our uniquely designed Screw Fed Disintegrators removes all the hindrances you face while grinding with Angel Disintegrators. You might have to face issues while grinding bulky products with high adhesion through the Angle Disintegrators. Not only that but also the product with a higher surface area and low bulk density like paper, leafy greens, bark causes several issues while grinding with the regular disintegrators machine.

The Screw Fed Disintegrators from eliminates all such issues you face. In other types of Disintegrators, the problem mainly arises because of the random gravity feeding. But our Screw Fed machines uses a precise auger feeding technique to overcome the set of obstacles through force-feeding.

Along with that, the Screw Fed Disintegrators we produce a greater milling efficiency. Our Screw Fed machines limit surging and protect against overload. Therefore it can be a game changer for you if you are looking for a piece of better modular equipment.

Key Features of Our Screw Fed Disintegrators

  • Various models with 50HP 208V, 230V, or 460V Main Motor with Washdown Duty

  • Can easily handle materials like leafy greens which considered as challenging to convey

  • Simple and direct coupled design

  • Coming with an integral feed unit all the models of our Screw Fed Disintegrators lets you clean the feed easily

  • Having a durable piece screen, it takes less than 10 minutes to replace the filter

  • Reduces all the hindrances to grind material

Pump Fed Disintegrators has the best quality Pump Fed Mills in offers. We have designed our Pump Fed machines in a way that it can reduce all the oversized materials from the pump-able liquids efficiently. Depending on your requirement you can have products as viscous as the tomato paste and as thin as water.

With a sturdy and robust build quality, it can stand firm against the pressures as high as 150PSI and temperatures exceeding even 100-degree Celsius. Because of this excellent build quality and incredible flexibility, it has its extensive uses in food processing as well as the chemical industry.

While keeping in mind the low cost and ease of replacement, we have used high-pressure lip seal for a unique non-mechanical seal.

The forged stainless steel materials used in the housing of the mill and covers from 1.5 inch thick materials helps it stand out in its range. Considering the efficiency if we compare it with other types of disintegrators, it can beat them by a mile or two. You can easily use a positive displacement pump and regulate the flow into the mill more precisely. This is what makes this Pump Fed Disintegrator a far better option than the regular gravity feeding mills.

Key Features of Our Pump Fed Disintegrator

  • Since all the materials must have to pass through a perforated screen, it can provide guaranteed sizing

  • A simple design to ensure ease of use and maintenance

  • Can stand tall easily at a pressure of up to 150PSI and temperature more than 100 degree

  • It takes less than 15 minutes to remove and replace the seals

  • Ensures self-priming for all the products with low viscosity

That's it from our end. Apart from this Disintegrators, we offer a wide variety of the custom-engineered machine to coop with your applications and process needs. Reach us today to match the footstep of this technologically advanced world with our latest machinery. For any further information on Disintigrators Machines post your queries in the comment.