Here're 5 Types Of Must-have Apps For Dubai EXPO 2020

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Here're 5 Types Of Must-have Apps For Dubai EXPO 2020

World Expo is one of the greatest celebrations of the achievements of mankind. It is also known as The World's Greatest Show that displays human brilliance. It is the gathering of countries from almost all corners of the world. The crowd gathers here to witness the by-product of the world's most amazing minds, their achievements, innovations, and advancements. It is indeed a great opportunity gel along with people from different nations.

It draws a lot of attraction from different kinds of broods. They come to witness culture, art, science, geography, innovation, invention, and technology. The EXPO moves with an aim to influence and inspire the audience and ignite new ideas and thought processes. The aim is clearly focused in a direction to have a strong impact on the day to day routines and hence step closer towards the betterment of lives throughout the world.

One of the technologies that the masses pursue in their day to day lives and for the betterment of the world is none other than app development. On one hand, the Dubai EXPO 2020 displays the most promising future, and on the other applications help to relish a seamless experience of the entire event. If you too want to know about the ways to streamline the complete experience during the EXPO, then here are 5 different kinds of applications you need to have. Take a look for a better understanding.

1. QR and Bar Code Scanner

As the visitors need to have passes issued by the authorities, chances are that there can be some fraudulent activities, that might try to hamper one's experience. Take a look at one major thing that could go wrong-

Fake passes can be issued for the sake of making money by malicious entities.

But in order to avoid the same, the original pass can have a Bar/QR code embossed. Once the new feature is added to scan Bar Codes or QR Codes, it would be possible to-

Check the authenticity of passes.

Have a lucky draw, which can also provide a great way to attract masses.

2. Maps and Location Tracking Apps

The audience that resides in the near-by area can make the most of a location tracking app to safely get to the destination. Google Maps or any other location-identifying application can prove to be a lot helpful in guiding you straight to the venue. Some times there can be a situation where one gets stuck into a problem, then navigator applications can jump into the rescue. 

Of course, these are not the only apps that will help the people. Many navigation apps can prove out to be useful for activities taking place at expo 2020. It is hence necessary to enter prepared and get the needed app technology ready to pick out all the hurdles present throughout the journey.  

3. EXPO 2020 Event Application

If you thought that it was easy to relish the complete experience without any help then you were sadly mistaken. A lot of times it gets problematic to get access to the event's official website in order to track what’s happening at a particular moment and know about any new stuff happening. But with this app, things are about to get simpler.

The app has solely been created so that those who have interest in a specific subject matter can find a means to keep them updated about what’s trending in expo 2020, and that too without any hassle. This EXPO 2020 Event Application provides a peek-a-boo to the masses to know more about what will happen at the major world event.

4. Visitor Tracking and Facial Recognition Apps

It is very easy for a crowd of 23 million people to lose track. But with the security of such a huge population, nothing can be neglected. There is no way that a coordinator or security manager can remember the faces of the people who have registered for the event. But this is when one can use the Facial Recognition application for identification. This is a great way to lessen the burden to a great extent.

5. Traveling and Touring Apps

There is no doubt in the fact that there are going to be a lot of people in this mega event, because of which accommodation and travels will be at their peak during the EXPO season. Apps for the booking of the hotels and restaurants will be largely used. They will be helpful in guiding the audience to get cheaper flight details, good restaurants, and also inform them about the location where they can rent the room. These applications can be used to explore the nearest destinations in a short period of time.

These are the five types of apps that one can use in Dubai EXPO 2020. If you need more information about the technicalities involved in it, then reach out to us for more information.