Here’s why Vtiger is the perfect CRM for your company

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Here’s why Vtiger is the perfect CRM for your company

Every business has to decide on implementing a CRM sooner or later. Some businesses don’t realize the importance of CRM until it’s too late. CRM can increase your profits by up to 50%. Yet 41% of companies don’t give a second thought to using one. It is also not just about the benefits, utilizing a proficient CRM system can lead to customer satisfaction and ultimately, a loyal customer base. Vtiger CRM consists of all the useful features you would expect from a CRM system, and with the added benefit of Vtiger CRM being open source, you can customize it to your liking. This Vtiger CRM review will provide some insight into the real benefits of using it.

Benefits and Features:

Some of the most prominent Vtiger CRM features include:

  • Contact Management:

Vtiger provides a consumer overview of 360 degrees. You can submit an email or a simple click to dial. You can schedule reminders if a contact exceeds such conditions, such as a month-long idle. Also importing contacts is available by fax, shape, CSV file or external applications. The search function is also included, and the selection is indexed.

  • Email Marketing:

Services include various designs, an overview of project results, autoresponders and 20,000+ free emails monthly. You can also create templates using the drag-and-drop GUI and see how your campaigns involve each contact. The segmentation of the document allows the selection of the campaign.

  • Project Management:

You can build personal or team projects as well as customer projects. The tools included contain charts, milestones, tasks, internal and external collaboration and notifications.

  • Inventory Management:

Features such as prices, inventory management, invoices, online payments, and quotes are supported by Vtiger CRM.

  • Document Management:

This feature includes a searchable central place for records to be preserved and viewed. In the document app, you can also exchange messages directly with other people.

  • Predictions:

Vtiger CRM free enables you to estimate the profits based on the best case, worst case and othersituations in several forecasts and potential projections use existing prospects and other considerations.

  • Case Management:

You could allocate a case to a service officer, display the remaining time depending on the SLA, give priority to cases based on different conditions, offer multi-channel assistance and access an FAQ for solutions recommendations.

More power to your sales & support team:

The departments at support look at CRM technology that allows all customer care inquiries on networks (email, Facebook, mobile, meetings, etc.) to be assigned efficiently and accurately to all of these requests. CRM organizes and shows you chunks of expertise to improve consumer loyalty according to case-specified, customer worth, and reason.

CRM technology is being used by sales groups to help build and monitor their connections, plans, notes and other material. This attracts and serves clients. It also supports organized efforts to ensure smoother service through internal communications. Each of the data collected is used to predict possible deals, and the insight is used to advise coworkers and expand the business system.

Vtiger CRM for different-sized businesses:

  • Small Startup:

Typically, one to a couple of customers have associates who often take notes on scratch pads, submit emails and document details on charts and boards. They use CRM to identify and connect clients.

  • Medium-sized business:

There are usually more people and more customers in each group. Despite the needs of private firms, they need to produce a process for contracts and customer support teams to test and promote customer work. Vtiger CRM app lets you do this, track it, mechanize it and calculate it.

  • Large Enterprises:

More than one team-up of different groups from different countries routinely occur, here and there. Given the requirements of SMBs, they have to collaborate between classes, make additional adjustments within and outside, and record the board to ensure they are considered necessary. Vtiger CRM allows these large organizations to run smoothly without any hiccups.


You can empower your company to grow exponentially by choosing the right CRM. CRM is designed to monitor customer interaction and contact. It helps you to manage your company. CRM is a program system that organizations around the world utilize. Typically, CRM applications have a quite wide range of features. This ranges from the processing and handling of messages to automate customer interactions. This simplifies the interface and regulates virtually everything in the business.

Being lightweight also means that Vtiger CRM requirementsare really low. It can certainly help your company achieve what it wasn’t able to before. So, Vtiger CRMhelps your business to grow exponentially, is easy to implement as you can follow any online Vtiger CRM installation guideand you are done. Seeing all this, there is no reason for not getting the Vtiger CRMand starting making progress today.