Holding wedding witnesses: how to choose in 6 tips?

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Holding wedding witnesses: how to choose in 6 tips?

The wedding, this long-awaited day that will have to be perfect. Perfection applies to everything, and that also means choosing the clothes of your wedding witnesses.

In this article we will introduce you to how and why to choose a suit to wedding witnesses.

Witnessing at a wedding is an honor and a great responsibility!

You must support the groom and therefore, have an impeccable style, without stealing the show.

6 tips for choosing the costume of a witness

Tip # 1: Modern and Traditional

The habit of the witnesses is usually the 3-piece custom suit, worn with a bow tie or tie. It's the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

The 3-piece costume remains very traditional and elegant. Wearing a bow tie is very modern, often liberty pattern.

Tip # 2: In no way like the Married

The suit will be worn by many, even if everyone has one, the groom must be the only one to have his own style.

The witnesses will have to have a variant of that of the groom, a different version, but in the same theme.

For example, if the groom is dressed in a white suit, the witnesses will be in a light gray suit.

If the groom had been black, the witnesses' costumes would be rather dark gray.

It is frowned upon to be more or less dressed like the groom.

Tip # 3: Stand out

To choose your suit, do not hesitate to consult the groom to be sure to be on the same theme and no nasty surprises. To not be dressed the same way.

Sometimes, the grooms do not ask that the witnesses and the groomsmen have the same suit, they just ask to wear a dark or light suit.

To stand out from the guests, add an original accessory.

Remember to harmonize your outfit and accessories with those of other witnesses and groomsmen.

Tip # 4: Accessories for the wedding witness

Right now the trend is to wear a coordinating accessory between the witnesses, the groomsmen and the groom.

This is a distinctive sign that will highlight you.

Your accessory will allow the guests to recognize you, at first glance you will know that you are part of the witnesses or groomsmen.

Examples of trendy accessories:

Accessory 1: The socks

The socks are a small detail, but that make all the difference, it's original, but remains elegant when properly used.

If all the witnesses wear striped socks of different colors, these will be your distinguishing mark.

Accessory 2: The tie or the bow tie

Witnesses, if they are several, may wear the same color of tie or a bow tie reminiscent of that of the groom.

For example, if the groom wears a red tie, you can wear a red striped tie in the same shades.

Tip # 5: The Marriage Theme

Learn about the topic of marriage before you start looking for your suit, ask the groom to find out exactly what to look for.

Do not be dressed in black if the theme is "the ocean" for example, stay in agreement with the theme and consult the other witnesses so that the harmony is perfect between you.

But always be careful not to be like the groom.

Tip # 6: A suit cut to your plastic

Your costume should make you perfect shoulders.

This is the main element of the costume: the seam must fall exactly where your shoulder breaks.

The good length of the jacket is there too.

Make sure the end of the jacket does not go lower than your buttocks. Ideally, they should arrive at the palm of your hands.

Traditional wedding outfit:

The witness's attire in a traditional wedding remains simple, usually a majority color throughout the costume.

For a good harmony and a cohesion between the witnesses, it is necessary that your suit is matched with that of the groom.

Make sure that your garment color is different from the groom's suit, but stay the same.

For example, if the groom is black, you will opt for a dark gray suit, if the groom is in white suit, you will look for a suit in light gray tones.

In a wedding, avoid bright colors (except special theme or accessory common to witnesses).

Theme wedding outfit:

For the costumes of a themed wedding, the choice of the costume will be more diversified.

You will be freer for the colors and the choice of the costume itself, of course respecting the announced theme.

On this type of wedding, after having the information of the theme and information about the groom's costume, you will look for the costume that will be for you and the other witnesses, the most appropriate to the theme, try to be in agreement with the others witnesses.

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