Homecare software installation is the next level method to simplify the proceedings of your health agency

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Homecare software installation is the next level method to simplify the proceedings of your health agency

Formdox.com vends one and many best homecare softwares for home health care industry. We smooth the workflow of registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational physicians, medical social workers, caregivers, and private doctors by engaging the operations of homecare EVV system for field staff, homecare HR employee management and homecare agency management software. Our developed systems are boon for patients, homecare agencies and care suppliers. All administrative tasks could be easily controlled by these virtual softwares. On specific terms, we also provide customized software services for large organizations. Modern technologies that are in compliance with our visual product homecare EVV system for field staff are:

  • GPS tracking method
  • Computer or tablet friendly website
  • Regular appointment monitoring pattern
  • Telephonic conversation through wireless gadgets for visit confirmation
  • Check-in and check-out message delivery procedure

Volume of benefits that you will find in homecare agency management software moulded by Formdox.com are:

  • Proper execution of bulk shifts and client’s appointment single handedly
  • Changeable meet-ups of caregivers based on their care plans, particular skills, patient’s need and availability of care-provider
  • With the location tracking technology, a caregiver can provide a proof of visit within seconds, fulfilling the transparency criteria
  • With the embedded billing and payroll features, information arrival on demand got fast
  • Rating of consultation satisfaction by treated patient could be recorded between one to five stars

Now, one who is in tune with the workings of the health industry, knows that EVV stands for Electronic Visit Verification and EMR for Electronic Medical Record. Our homecare EMR plus H.R management software eliminates the compulsion of physical presence and functioning of HR in your company. It stores safely all the information of your caregivers, nurses and doctors related to attendance, visits, bonus, incentives, payments, leaves, medical records and other essential terminologies. Might be unknown to many but the urgency of invention of homecare EVV system for field staff arose due to the misuse and manipulation of timesheets by medical agencies. Such owners used to pen down false service times and then generate health bill for medical catering. Now that they know the mechanism of EVV system, it’s unlikely to dispute that a caregiver was absent at the location where they checked in through GPS.

We have set own standard of service to favor clients. Although you are least interested in our homecare HR employee management software, why don’t you catch up a glance on our products? We feel you will find it of use for sure. In homecare EMR plus H.R management, you can easily access the medical files related to lab tests, reports, check-ups, recommended medicines, replaced drugs and other details. It makes easy to understand the current situation of an old aged patient, striving hard to recover successfully. You can directly communicate on an issue with your field staff if opted for homecare HR employee management software. A strong and transparent format is the foundation to great business. We encourage our clients to get a demonstration of products without spending any finance that helps in establishing a sweet relation with all.