How Entertainment Industry Developing With AI Technology?

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How Entertainment Industry Developing With AI Technology?

The entertainment world has been helping the population to dwell on the abilities of AI technology through many of its science fiction. There are a lot of masterpieces that depict the future and evolution as human beings, and our efforts to technology for the developments. The visionaries in entertainment industries have been successfully portraying the relationship between a man and technology on the silver screen.     

AI & Entertainment Walk Hand In Hand

The fact that we are living in a decade of AI-backed entertainment cannot be denied. It is now linked with some of the smallest actions and choices one makes. For example, a suggestion made by your online streaming service is totally based on AI algorithms. These AI algorithms are personalized according to the preferences of a user. And soon in the future, we would have movies written by an artificially intelligent bot. That is not all, it could be performed by robots and animated by a deep learning algorithm. The possibilities are endless, who knows in future we may even have intelligent bots reading the scripts and making the suggestions and changes accordingly.

So there is no doubt in the fact that AI technology is conducting one of the biggest invasions in the history of the entertainment industry. Form digital visualization to content composition, AI is leaving no stone unturned to accelerate the development.

Digital streaming platforms and media houses are trying to get hold of the perks of artificial intelligence. They are doing so to improvise the entire user experience for improved viewing and the rest of the content delivery mechanisms. As the level of content consumption multi-folds in the media landscape, there are possibilities that we would see a lot of attempts to dwell into the pool of AI.    

This would help the entertainment sector and make it easier for the users to securely get hold of the content by creating new AI-related technologies. Take voice control commands for example. The more we deepen our roots into this topic, the more clarity we develop on the topics related to AI. It surely has ameliorated the creativity of different film industries. For example, in the future, a virtual voice assistant like Alexa and Siri can be inculcated into online streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, or Amazon Prime.    

Making Digital Characters More Realistic

Long gone are the times when the visual effects artists required to be good painters. Now the trend is that they must know data science and must be excellent at training deep learning algorithms, in order to perform the routine tasks like-

  • Designing an effect
  • Smoothing out an effect
  • Making digital character appear realistic

This might look like a very small detail to you but it is actually very beneficial for the artists. It provides a great way to the artists, present in the industry to spend less time making the edits in the computer graphics frame by frame. Only a few years back, computers helped the animators and other creative professionals to design characters, paint and make them talk.

Now as we witness the transformations at the AI-driven algorithms that help to automatically render advanced visual effects. This makes it simple for actors to plat the alter egos, characters, and creatures. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and the rest of the sophisticated software, movies like Avengers and Avatar are made possible. Algorithms are deployed to automatically map the facial expressions on to the characters so that animators can give them the final touch-up. 

AI Technology Would Automate The Industry

Just like the popularity of automation in the rest of the industries, in entertainment to it is winning a lot of attention. So AI-based algorithms can accomplish the routine set of tasks. This eradicates the need for people to work on the same mundane task. If the algorithms are deployed effectively, they have the potential to smoothly master the edits and the rest of the advanced tasks like visual effects. Only big brands in the industry are making the most of the AI algorithms, but a rise is expected in its user base. Very soon the automated entertainment industry would become a norm.   

Very soon artificial intelligence would go beyond just the edits and the automation of the mundane tasks. Quite soon it would be used to predict whether a particular film with a concept should be made or not. There is an algorithm that is available to identify is the film is commercially fit or not, and this is done, by only examining the screenplay. For now, the AI-based algorithms are used to predict a screenplay target audience, box office revenues, and also is a film would have a diverse cast. 

AI-based Technology Would Affect Advertising Trends

Now if you think that this tech would not affect advertising, then you are highly mistaken. If you look at the ongoing trends, then we would find that they focus on real-time product placement. It also focuses on precision targeting, these actions are performed on the basis of the popularity of the content streamed. Surely in the future, AI would make it possible to carry out precision-targeted ads. It would also help in placing the product according to the content that the user is watching. Basically, soon we would witness the personalization of advertisements. The audience can be targeted with the type of ads they like and their favorite actor endorsing the same. Targeting the individual viewers would be done, and it would be easy for the companies to analyze the return on investment in the advertisements.     



These are the different ways in which AI would ameliorate the different processes of the advertising industry. If you want to know more about the progress then feel free to reach out to the AI development company. Don't forget to share your views and opinions with us in the comment section, and let us know what you want to read next. But until then, stay tuned to this space for more information.