How to acquire BIS Certification online?

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How to acquire BIS Certification online?

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is a regulatory body that governs the activities of maintaining and execution of standardsand certification of products after testing them. The products are majorly electronic products. BIS Certification is a significant and holds value. Acquiring a BIS certificate gives the third party guarantee of product quality, safety and reliability to the customers who purchase the products.

Objectives of BIS Certification

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Certificate is valuable as it guarantees quality and a standard of the products. Below mentioned are certain objectives of obtaining a BIS Certificate –

  • To protect the health of the customers
  • To enhance the quality and standards of products
  • To protect customers from all kinds of health issues with regards to the products

Eligibility requirements to obtain BIS Certification

All manufacturers who are notified under the Compulsory Registration Scheme must obtain a certificate from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Types of BIS schemes

Normal procedure for domestic manufacturers

As per the normal procedure, a BIS certification application form must be submitted along with the crucial documents and registration fees. After the application has been submitted, a BIS officer evaluates the factory where the product manufacturing takes place. Samples of the products are collected and verified both in the factory and outside the factory. If the product samples are approved by the authority, BIS certification will be obtained by the applicant. The process takes 4 months in its completion.

Simplified Process for the Domestic Manufacturers

In this registration process, a test report is submitted by the applicant. The report includes product samples from the laboratory. The samples are BIS-approved with and are submitted with the documents. A BIS officer performs verification of the factory premises and evaluates the test samples. The applicant is granted BIS certificate within 30 days if the officer is approvesthe report and the factory premises.

Tatkal Scheme

The Tatkal scheme is initiated for the manufacturers of products. For the purpose of undertaking manufacturing of the products, a BIS standard mark is mandatory. Applications filed under this scheme are evaluated on the basis of priority. BIS certification under this scheme is granted within the duration of thirty days.

Eco Mark Scheme

The manufacturers of eco-friendly products can acquire a BIS license under this category of BIS certification scheme. All eco-friendly products must fulfill certain requirements as per the Indian Standards to receive an Eco Mark. The process for obtain an Eco Mark is similar to the Domestic Manufacturer Scheme.

Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme

If the manufacturing of products is conducted in a foreign country, a license with an ISI mark can be acquired, that contains the elements mentioned under the Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme. It can be obtained within a time period of six months.

How to obtain BIS Certification?

BIS certificate can be easily acquired through the online platform. The applicant must follow below steps to submit an application online.

Online BIS Registration process

  • Visit the website
  • Login to the MSCD tab
  • Register by providing details
  • Submit the application online by filling in all details or download the form, fill it and upload it on the website
  • After filling the form, submit it along with documents and required fees

The Licensing process

  • Submission of BIS Application form for BIS Certification
  • Appointment of BIS Officer
  • Sending the testing samples for testing purposes

The Inspection process

  • BIS Officer visits the factory premises
  • The inspecting authority collects samples for inspection
  • The samples are sent to the laboratory
  • The test report is received by the applicant with the results
  • After all the verification is completed, the BIS certificate is generated to the applicant

Documents Required to obtain BIS Certification

  • PCB layout
  • Schematic Diagram
  • User Manual
  • Critical Components List
  • Factory documents which must include a copy of trademark registration, factory’s address proof, factory’s organizational chart, list of equipment used.

Factory related documents

  • Address proof of the factory such as Manufacturing License
  • Detailed flow chart of the manufacturing process
  • A list of manufacturing machines with details such as name, purpose of the machines, capacity, etc.
  • Details and quality control documents
  • Details of internal testing facilities that include standardization status, least count
  • Plant framework
  • Details with regards packaging and storage of products and raw materials
  • Organization map of the factory
  • Details of quality control team along with a proof of their qualifications
  • Test report copies of all the raw materials which will be used
  • Test report approved from BIS Laboratory


BIS Certification is a must for manufacturers of products that are specified by the authority. A certificate builds a brand that customers can trust. It also attracts the right set of customers that have a higher chance of turning into loyal customers. Thus manufacturers must ensure timely registration and obtain the certificate.