How To Choose The Best Bracelets For Your Loved One

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How To Choose The Best Bracelets For Your Loved One

Considering Wrist Size

The actual significance of considering wrist size is not just only the wrist size, but considering the best bracelet that suits the texture of your wrist, arm and hands. We have to think about the width of bracelet, size of beads and other embellishments engrafted and actual weight of the bracelet that compliments your look and appearance. Men with small wrist should pick the sleek model and double wrapped bracelet rather than a wide braided hemp model bracelet. Same way Women with small wrist might need a bold intricate or chunky tied chain bracelet in place of simple single stranded bracelet types. However, always check the gold rate today before going to select or buy your favourite bracelet for yourself or for your loved one.

In general to make the wrist proportional to your bones, one has to select wrist size matching the band size. It means wide and chunky bands for wider wrist and small and delicate bands for narrow bones. In another way, if you want the look of yet smaller or wider, select opposite to your size. It means choosing a larger one for narrow bones and smaller bands for a larger wrist.

Metal Selection for Bracelet

  • Yellow Gold – This is the most popular metal to choose a bracelet, gives warmth and classic look.  They are paired with any outfits of daily wear, party wear and celebrations.
  • White Gold – White gold bracelets are the best alternative for platinum and give a timeless trendy look. These lightweight bracelets are much splendid and sparkling with modern attires and coolers.
  • Rose Gold – Rose gold is the exclusive beauty with the mix of contemporary and stylish one. They are liked by women mostly to match their special outfit s to make more charming.
  • Platinum – Precious metal with high reflective lustre and remains best ever compliment. They are high-end metal that has excellent durability and impervious for tarnishing.  They can be worn occasionally and on special days.
  • Silver – Silver is the cheapest metal that can be used for everyday routine with bold and wide bracelets. Silver bracelets do have tons of designs with fashionable dramatic insight to antique incarnation look.

Range of Bracelet Clasps 

Lobster clasp is the one that you find in many of the bracelet models and it resembles lobster claw along with spring, hence the name. Barrel clasp contains two pieces that should be fastened together in a screw box or in a hoop type style. Toggle clasps have sleeker finish with T-shaped bar in one side and open circle on the other side.  The T-shaped bar should be placed in the centre of the circular end to lock. Magnetic clasps are simple closure magnets at both ends of bracelet to lock itself and hold on the jewel. S-hook Clasps are the older type that has an S-Shaped hook that connects both ends of the bracelet to lock. Swivel clasps are improved version of Lobster clasp that can be rotated 360degress by the base.

Gold Bracelet for Men

Contemporary Bracelets – The traditional bracelet model for men is the chain model, gold plates, circular strings and abstract patterns. These types are designed with medium width and they most opt for daily wear. The types of chain model include cable, byzantine, rope, mesh, roll, snake, box and wheat models. This chain model doesn’t include any gemstones or diamonds and looks elegant. 
Link Bracelets – Link pattered bracelets for men come in variant size and thickness. This bracelet is designed in such a way that several bits of similar styles are linked or connected together with or without diamonds and gemstones. They look more subtle and fit for all kinds of outfit.

Kada Bracelet – Kadas are broad in nature, more sturdy and has a higher weight than the normal bracelets. Kada bracelets are completely masculine having plain with centre sharp line design running through making more sparkling. Multiple styles of kadas are found that makes you look bold and strong.

Braided Bracelets – Braided bracelet come in enormous designs and style that are crafted with a knot. This is perfect for extreme rugged and tough look. They are true reflection of manly sturdiness and attitude. They are wider in size and strong enough to be unique and paired with any casuals.